Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Low Key Tuesday

Ooooohhhh! Somebody was excited for Tuesday!

Ethan was off to school 

The bubble in the laundry room got bigger and the plumber came. He pulled the ceiling drywall down to fix the pipe. 

Sister Bear and I took a walk together. Listened to more GIlmore Gabs. They are such a delight!

Did you know that these little balls grow on Palm Trees? Turns out they are nuts. 
All trees go through a reproductive cycle resulting in seed pods, nuts or fruit. The balls on the tops of palm trees are the result of a palm tree's healthy reproductive cycle, or its fruits. The majority of these fruits are edible, with coconuts and dates among the most commonly known. Depending on the size and type of fruit, it is best to steer clear of palms during ripening or risk being knocked on the head by a stray fruit.

And not sure what these things are but they were soft to touch. 

Pretty low key day for us. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rolling Over Monday

 Good Morning, Monday!

Look who ROLLED OVER on her own today! Woohoo!

So happy. She is so determined!

Wheeeeee!!! Our baby girl is turning 4 mos this week!

On Monday, Harper slept allllllll morning. It's wonderful because she is getting good rest and I can workout, get stuff done but after three hours, I want to see her again!

I think we went for a walk and got home to see Ethan for his nap. In the afternoon, I went to Target for "back to work" shopping. I am going back to work next week which is actually a perfect time to do so. I will be working for only three days, with limited hours, as we sail into Thanksgiving. 

I had to get things like a lunch bag, bottles for milk, dry shampoo(because we all know I won't be washing my hair that often during the week!)...

This happened in the laundry room on Monday, too. This happened in our apartment in SF, too. It means a leaking pipe in the ceiling and thankfully, it was in the laundry room not in another place in the house! 

A Sunday Goodbye

On Sunday, we all hung out in the morning to get the last out of Kimmy's visit. She had to leave around 11 to catch her flight :-( 

Ethan had a chalice of orange juice and was doing "Cheers!" with Kimmy 

After Kimmy left, we hung around at home. We really are not doing much these days due to HG sleeping all AM and Ethan sleeping all PM. 

Tummy Time and hanging out on the floor. She is grabbing for everything these days and trying to roll over!

"Playing" together haha. This consists of Ethan telling her "No, that's mine!" and her trying to grab everything. We are working on sharing with his sister. 

We had butternut squash soup for dinner

And this candy bar for piece that I got at the candy store. It was OK. I'm not a big chocolate fan but I liked this because it had crunch to it and marshmallows, too. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch 2 & Beer Garden

On Saturday, we took Ethan to swim and Kimmy stayed home with sleeping Harper. Ethan is a big kid at swim class now. He jumps into the pool and can hang onto the wall by himself! He is not a fan of going under or getting his ears wet right now though.

Do you like our teeth?

After swimming, we hemmed and hawed about what to do for the day. I was getting frustrated that we were sort of stuck at home because HG was sleeping but Ethan was getting ready for nap, too. Finally, we decided that Erik would stay home giving Kimmy & I a chance to go out again together. 

We went to Southie in Elmwood for lunch. Ladies who lunch, take 2. haha

After lunch, we stopped at Powell's candy store and bought $40 worth of candy. haha. Check out these Pop Rocks that we tried. We got Jelly Belly beans, gummy candy, and then I also got some stuff for Ethan's stocking(truck Pez dispenser!) and Erik. 

After the candy store, we went to the nail place for mani/pedi. Such a nice afternoon together!

When we got home, both kids were either up or waking up around 4pm. We took advantage of it and hightailed it to the Beer Garden. 

HG sat so nicely in her car seat. Such a big difference from just a few weeks ago when she was crying in the seat and in the car. 

All bundled up! After a little while, I put her in the carrier for a little snooze. She did great. 

Awwwww my sweet girl

Ethan played in the kids area with a lot of kids including a few older kids. He was getting pushed around a little bit but held his own. He was telling the kids "Don't yell at me!" haha

Fun day together!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch

On Friday, the Nanny came and swept Ethan away for a little bit in the morning. She took him and the nanny share kid to the park until about 10:30am. I got to hang out with Kimmy and workout before they got home. 

When they got home, Kimmy and I went out for the day. First, we went to Nordstrom Rack with the goal of buying some pants and jeans. We scored the best jeans (Democracy brand). 

After that, we headed out to Walnut Creek. We had lunch at Main Street Kitchen. 
Image result for main st kitchen walnut creek
We shared burratta, brussel sprouts, and a salad with grilled chicken as well as a bottle of wine!
There are a TON of stores in WC so we stopped into Jcrew and Nordstrom before heading home. 
(I am wearing THIS dress from Jcrew and it is amazing. They need to make it in 10 colors. It is comfortable, flattering, and I can nurse/pump in it which makes it amazing for work)

We also picked up Kara's Cupcakes for dessert. Yum. 

We headed home to hang with the babes and sent the Nanny home early. 

For dinner, we got pizza and hung out at home. I went to bed at 8:30 because I was exhausted from two days of activities. haha

Weekly Wrap Up

What a week. This crazy election ended badly(in my opinion) but we wrapped up the week with a visit from Kimmy!

On Monday, Harper slept the morning away which meant I got to do my workout, see Ethan when he got home, and get stuff done around the house like organize my stuff to go back to work!! I also am trying to figure out what clothes I can wear to work. Things are different this time around. Last time, I could fit into my old stuff no problem but this time, not so. It's OK. I housed and grew a human for 9 months! 

Harper found her feet! She pulls them up to her and it's so cute. 

We gave her a try in the Exersaucer. She is not big enough for it yet but she liked grabbing at things! Ethan was showing her the monkey

Here's Ethan in this thing around 5 months old

On Tuesday, I had to go to urgent care. Why? To get my ears cleaned out!!! I get so much wax in my ears that it gets stuck and I can't hear that well. So gross, I know!!! They said I probably have small ear canals which causes it. Luckily, I was seen right away and out in about 30 min. Then, my friend Lisa came over for a visit and  we also watched CNN all day.  When I went to bed, things were not looking good for Hillary. I woke up with Harper to see texts that she lost and therefore, could not sleep well all night. 

On Wednesday morning, I was sad. I really wanted Hillary to win and am scared to have someone with no political experience run our country. I'm scared for LGBT rights, for no progress to be made in family leave, for out of touch politicians to run the country, and our national security. Did you know that only 50% of the country voted? Where would we be if more people voted?

Watching Hillary's concession speech made me cry. It's time for a Qualified woman to be in the White House and for our kids to see that not just men can do this job!
"To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world"

I'm only grateful that my kids are young enough to not understand what is going on. We need a President we can look up to and hopefully will get one in 2020. 

I got a workout in and walked Harper which made me feel better....

It was so warm here last week. We were in shorts! Happy November. 

On Wednesday night, Kimmy arrived!!!

On Thursday, we went walking with Harper when she got up. 

She cannot resist the carrier! 

We walked around Cal Campus and came home for lunch. Afterwards, we went to SF to pick up my new mouthguard (that Evie had ripped apart on Halloween). We were out of there by 3:30 so we met Erik for Happy Hour! 

We went to Mikkeller bar where they had a LOT of craft beers on tap. And, can we just pause for a minute to realize that we were in SF for Happy Hour. Woweeeee! That has not happened in such a long time! 

The Nanny was home with the kids and guess what.....Harper drank a bottle. I think the tide is turning!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Pizza Making and Little Farm

 Happy Saturday!

We started Saturday off by returning to swimming. I took Ethan to class while Harper stayed home(& slept the entire time) with Dad. I haven't been to a class with Ethan in SO long so we had fun. Ethan jumped in the pool which was fun to see, too!

When we came home, Erik left for a golf tournament with his hockey team. We waited for Harper to wake up and then we took a walk to Trader Joe's. I put Ethan in the cart and wore Harper for the outing. When we came home, we made lunch and my friend Kristina came over! We are work friends from my current job but she left last year for a new company. We still keep in touch though which I'm happy about. 

Ethan loved meeting her and talked her ear off about trucks and trains. :-)

After naps(where I had an hour overlap between both napping!!!), we went back to TJ because we wanted to make flat bread pizzas for dinner. 

Ethan in his dragon sweatshirt

He helped make the pizzas, too. He scooped the sauce out of the can onto the flatbreads. 

Erik got home just after dinner. He had fun golfing with everyone but was happy to be home. 

Sunday....Daylight Savings. It wasn't all that bad for us. I was grateful to see 6am on the clock and not 5am(or earlier!) 

Harper trying out the bumbo seat

The funniest part of the day came when I worked out at home. Ethan wanted to "watch you exercise!" and "watch the ladies on TV". He even ran to put his shoes on like me and jumped around the living room. The funniest part might have been when I said, "Oh goodness, I need a drink!" and he repeated me and grabbed HIS water bottle. hahaha
He also sat on me when it was time for Abs. It was fun having a partner!

Ethan's new thing is to use the step stool to get up to the sink and wash his trucks. 

When Harper woke up, we went up to Little Farm. 

Ethan played on the playground near the farm before we headed in

Harper rode in the carrier. It wasn't that cold out (as you can see by the woman behind me in short sleeves) but it was cool enough for a hat for a baby. 

Each time we go to the farm, Ethan is a different kid there. He has never fed the animals himself but this time, he did. He was so brave to walk up to feed them, especially the cows! I helped him feed the cows at first but then he was all set to do things on his own!

These goats were pushing each other around to get the celery

After the Farm, we had good naps and dinner time. The winning meal of the weekend was homemade Minestrone Soup. Ethan loved it!