Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday

1. We go to San Diego on Thursday!!! Woohoooo! It is not supposed to be super warm but it will still be nice to get away!


Ever have this stuff? Oh yeah  - it's good!!!

3. Down To Earth (Widescreen)

This movie is on Netflix and it is FUNNY. If you want a laugh, watch this one.

4.Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner - Rosemary
Love the way this cleaner smells! The scent is lavendar but I don't think it really smells like lavendar. It's a little medicinal/eucalyptus to me.

5. Changing your sheets on Saturday. I religiously change our sheets weekly and on Sundays. Sundays seemed like a good day because it's the start of a new week. Sheet changing day is the best night to sleep on the new sheets. They are clean, smell good, and it's a good nights sleep. If you change them on Sunday, you have a good night sleep to start the week off right. If you change them on Saturday, you get to REALLY enjoy the new sheets because you don't have to wake up for work the next day. So, I think SCD might get moved to Saturdays. haha.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bacon, Playgrounds, and Brew Assistant

Guess who likes turkey bacon. Ethan! This kid had breakfast with his Dad this am of eggs and blueberries. I stayed in bed this AM and it was amazing.

Despite him having breakfast, when I ate mine, he scooted right over and wanted some. He literally snatched eggs off of my plate! 

After feeding himself yogurt yesterday, he tried today with the fork and actually made it into his mouth. 

After breakfast and a walk, Ethan took a 2.5 hour nap! He had his lunch and then we went out to meet up with our nanny share family. We literally barely see parents of kids because of our schedules. They are usually gone when I drop Ethan off and not home yet when I pick him up. I'm the only one out of the four of us that works in the East Bay so I think I have the most flexible schedule. 

We met up at a little cafe near their house for lunch/coffee and then walked to the playground. Ethan had a lot of fun on the slide. He slid down, with help, and then tried to climb up the slide. 

Look at the mop of hair on this kid. At swimming, we dunk the babies under the water and when Ethan came up his hair was in his eyes, its that long! 

He had fun playing with baby Sofia and her sister, Stella. Stella really loves Ethan. The other day, she had so much homework and couldn't go to the park with Nanny and the babies. She complained to the nanny that she wanted to spend time with Ethan because, "He thinks I'm his big sister!" haha

We came home and tried to give Ethan another nap bu the was not into that idea! We were tired and no nap means no rest for us. I don't know what we'll do when he goes down to just one nap a day! Needless to say, we had dinner and I went to bed. Whew. This weekend, we did not have any plans except this playground thing today and I am more tired than when we are hustling around on the weekend!
Erik brewed a batch of beer last night and Ethan helped. He is pushing ANYTHING he can these days so he can walk. He pushed this empty bucket around the house and then pulled out the beer paddle. haha. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Yogurt Baby and More Walking

On Saturday morning, I was scheduled to go to a team run for TNT however it was just going to be me and the Coach there. She texted me on Friday night saying she wasn't sure she would make it because she was sick.On Saturday AM, she confirmed she couldn't make so we didn't meet up to run. So, that meant I got to take EGL to swimming. Here we are walking to swimming with him on my back. I figured out how to use our carrier on my back and it is a hundred times easier carrying him this way. He is about 20lbs and it's too much carrying him in the front. 

He liked the ride and rested his head against my back. haha

After swimming was a nap and when he woke up, he got a snack. He had some cheese and yogurt. He doesn't want to be fed but he let Nanny give him yogurt the other day so I tried again. Well, he wanted to feed himself so I let him. He put the spoon in the cup and actually got the spoon into his mouth!

So happy! He is an independent little guy. 

Evie and him also have a little system going. He tosses food on the floor for her and she waits patiently for it. He started taking it off the tray and tossing it on the floor from under the tray so I don't see it. Sneakyyyyyy. 

After nap, we planned to have lunch at home and go to Studio Grow however, we failed to realize they close at 2 on Saturdays. We ended up getting there at 2 so that didn't work out. Instead we stopped into Whole Foods to pick up some stuff that Erik needed to make dinner and headed home. 

This is definitely my child chomping on a hunk of parmesan reggiano cheese. haha He also drank half of a fresh juice (carrot, ginger, spinach). 

Another nap and relaxing time for us when we got home. Once Ethan was up again, another snack and then we went outside. We went to the playground to swing and push a plastic car around the perimeter of the sand area. 

He LOVES being outside. He walked, swung, had some sand time and then we headed home for dinner. 

For dinner, Erik made homemade tortellini and alfredo sauce. Ethan had chicken with some alfredo sauce which he loved. He also had roasted red peppers and onions. He loves roasted or grilled onions! 

One of the people that Erik is playing guitar with makes wine so they gave us a few bottles of wine. We opened one for dinner and OMG. It was amazing. It tasted like a $30+ bottle of red wine. So good. 

We also watched another episode of Chef's Table on Netflix. Its a docuseries highlighting different chefs and we're now on episode 3. It's pretty interesting to see the background of these chefs, the thinking behind their restaurant theme and cuisine. We recommend! 

Friday at Townie

Thursday was HNO and I went out for sushi with my friend Kira. Friday was ENO as he went to play guitar with his new music friends. Technically, Thursday and Friday are both H/ENO because one day you see friends and one day you get alone time. Anywayyyyyyyyy.

On Friday, Ethan and I met Erik at.....Townie. Seriously, we are there every Friday. We had a beer and dinner there before heading home for bath and bed time. Ethan was pretty good at the restaurant mostly because we sat near the window into the kitchen,

We got there before Erik so we entertained ourselves. I brought Ethan's dinner with us but he still had some bread, chicken, and water!

Bath, bed, and this little man was OUT. He has been going to bed in about two seconds the past few weeks. I watched Real Housewives and Kardashians and went to bed by 10. Good Friday.

Weekly Wrap Up

Guess who is getting another tooth...or three? Ethan! On Monday night, he was up twice which is uncharacteristic of him these days so I knew something was up. On Tuesday AM, he let me put my finger in his mouth and I felt another tooth popping up on the bottom gum. That makes three teeth down there! I felt two bumps on his top gum so I think he might be getting two up there, too. He is handling the teeth pretty well - we haven't given him any pain meds yet. He gets a little cranky but he is not inconsolable.

He woke up 2x on Tuesday night, as well, but on Wednesday he slept through the night. When I say through the night, I mean he truly sleeps allll night now. He goes to sleep at 7pm and wakes up at 7pm. It's a dream come true.

He is also trying to walk!! He is using his little push Lion and it is so adorable. He looks hilarious!!!

My phone started acting up last weekend when it shut off and I couldn't get it to come back on. Finally, it did but was not right all week. On Wednesday night,  it ran out of battery and the "white screen of death" came on . I dug through all of these how-to-fix pages on apple.com on Thursday AM and got the phone back. On Friday AM, the screen turned white, shut off, and I couldn't even get it to restore it to factory settings via iTunes. A trip to Apple store on Friday revealed that there was something wrong with the hardware in the phone and I needed to just get a new phone! UGH. I opted for the iPhone 5S which was only $99 because I really like this phone size and don't need an iPhone 6. I have smashed up all of my previous phones and finally, I've had this phone for nearly 3 years without a scratch but the internal machine failed. OY.

Erik is playing guitar with some friends lately and they might actually perform somewhere! How cool. I'm sure Erik will be a nervous wreck but he will be great!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day!

On Sunday morning, we went to our fave spot - Sam's Log Cabin, for breakfast. It was PACKED at 8:30 in the morning. All of the Moms were getting taken out to breakfast! 
We waited outside on the patio for our table. It was COLD out - probably 55 and gray. What happened to our summer weather? Oh right, we had that in January. Ethan was antsy pants outside. 
Once inside, he was a little less antsy especially when the food arrived. Ethan ate So.Much.Food. He had blueberry scone, pancake, scrambled egg, and black beans. THis is on top of the breakfast he had previously eaten at home!

Time for a nap for EGL when we got home. Then ,we all just relaxed inside and watched a movie which was a perfect activity to coincide with the weather. 

Cuddling with both of my babies. haha

We finally got out of the house in the afternoon and took a walk. Then, we walked down to Triple Rock to fill a growler to watch the Rangers Game at 4pm. We had a beer at 3R in addition to getting the growler filled. Ethan was super antsy so we didn't stay long. 

Look at this funny beer - Hugh Hef. hah

Aunt Kimmy doing her best to entertain EGL. 

Another nap for Ethan afterwards and we relaxed at home until Kimmy had to go to the airport. Erik made homemade foccacia bread and grilled chicken for us. Kimmy left around 5pm. 

Ethan had dinner

Just talking to himself or declaring something loudly for us to hear!

Try to pet Evie or throw food on the floor for her

Holding his own cup now and straws only. We aren't using the baby bottle anymore!

Here's a video of Ethan eating his dinner AND playing our new game "Night Night. Wake Up". So funny. Skip to about 1:30 if you want to just see that part. 

Whew! Fun weekend. We learned that going out is a challenge and are going to dial it back next weekend.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stroller Run and Bocanova Lunch

On Saturday morning, Kimmy, Ethan, and I went to my Moms In Training run in Alameda. We ran for 2.5 miles. We took Ethan with us and he lounged in the stroller. It was a good time although running and holding the stroller takes some getting used to. Although I can take him to the race on 5/31, I am not going to. The race begins at 7am and that is too early for him since he doesn't get up until 7am.

Naptime and then we went out for Mother's Day lunch at Bocanova. We went on Saturday to avoid any rush on Sunday. I really wasn't into doing a pre-fixe buffet or something somewhere so we did this instead. 
As we were going to the restaurant, Ethan did not want to sit IN his cart but instead he wanted to push it. 

I've mentioned it before but Ethan did not want to sit still at this lunch. He wants to be on the floor crawling around which is not possible. He did calm down when the bread arrived because he LOVES bread. 

He was like a little monkey when the bread arrived - he was banging the table and literally making monkey ooh ahh sounds. haha

He holds a piece of bread and sucks on it, eating small pieces at a time. 

Then, he is left with a good size chunk and we take away which upsets him. Sigh. 

He ate some of everyone's dish despite having his lunch before we left. He tried my scallops which he loved. 

Yum- cookies and ice cream for dessert

Fried leche for dessert, too. 

TUrning into a total grump by the end of the meal. Ok, Ok, we've learned our lesson. Our time is sort of up on taking him out for a while. Becoming parents is an immediate and drawn out thing. You suddenly have a baby and it's a big change however, there are a lot of other changes that happen along the way that you have to see, accept, and move on. We like going out but it's not that fun when we can't even talk because we are watching Ethan. I'd rather we save going out to dinner for when we have a babysitter so we can actually enjoy it. If you're going to spend the money to go out, you really should enjoy it!

HE is literally saying, "get me outtttttta here!"

After lunch, we went outside to see the nice views. Jack London Square is right on the water and is in a pretty area. 

Along with the views, there was a big fair going on with various vendors so we walked through that, too. Then, home for another nap. Actually, we ALL took a nap. Going to bed at midnight made me exhausted so I climbed INTO BED and took an hour nap. Erik and Kimmy slept on the couch. haha

After dinner, Ethan was covered in food so we stripped him down before his bath. He practiced getting down from the couch "the right way" and that made him happy....

We had burgers for dinner at home and stayed in for the night. We ended up watching videos on You Tube which is something we do literally every single time Kimmy is here. haha. We also tried to watch a bootleg version of Hairspray on Broadway from You Tube.

Tiring but good Saturday!