Friday, December 19, 2014

Last day of work for 2014

Work is over for the YEAR. Woot! Today was my last day of work for the year. How excitingggggg! Ethan went to the Nanny House for  1/2 day today so I could bring Evie to the vet and wrap up some work. Check out his smile from the other day as he wished Grandpa a Happy Birthday!

So cute 

Ethan can officially sit up by himself. He does wobble and tip over but he can sit for awhile alone. He is also starting to catch himself with his hand when he starts to tip. Such a big boy!!

The Nanny said he loves to sit and stand for long periods of time and that she thinks he will walk early. He does get into crawling position when you put him on the floor but then he just flattens out his legs and sometimes pulls himself a little bit with his arms. 

Yep, I put this Christmas tree headband on him and he didn't mind. haha

Oh here he is sucking on his big toe. So funny. He does it while I'm trying to change his diaper though so I have to wait for him to stop so I can get the dang thing on. haha

Our girl Evie has been limping a little bit after her pack walks. On her pack walks, she is off leash and running around. The walkers say she "runs like a maniac" and "runs full throttle" so I know she is losing her mind out there. She comes home and is worn out though. She is almost 9 and has that repaired leg. I think that plus overdoing it makes her ache. However, the dog walker mentioned that she COULD have a partial tear in her non-surgery leg. Oy. We can't handle another leg surgery in terms of the care, recovery, and the cost! I was praying it wasn't that as I made an appt for the Vet. 

Turns out the Vet didn't feel anything strange in her left leg. She did feel that Evie had tenderness in her right leg(the surgery leg). She thinks that the combo of being 9, being a few pounds overweight, and overdoing it is making her limp. She gave us some Rimadyl(aka Dog Ibruprofen) and told us to rest Evie. Rest her as she is heading to camp for a week while we're away AND from her pack walks. Ahhhh sort of hard to do. 

She rested after the Vet today since she wore herself out whining and being anxious there. We cancelled her walks for the last week of Dec and gave instructions to keep her semi-calm at camp. We want her to feel better soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last week of work

Hooray! It's the last week of work for the YEAR. I'm off the last two weeks of the month which is awesomeeeee!

I presented two plans at work today AND got approval so now I feel ready for a break. 

Ethan had some baby food carrots today which he liked! I'm going to give him more vegetables. Plum Organics has some fun combos for babies. He will be 6 months next week so we are venturing into "level 2" baby foods which is more mixing of food i.e. broccoli/spinach, quinoa/corn/beets...yum!

Ethan is getting excited for his first plane ride next week! We'll cross our fingers for the best ride possible. 

Ethan has a new noise this week---he sounds like a Quarterback ready to hike the ball. He says "hut!" multiple times in the day. haha. So funny to see him discover different parts of his body and sounds of his voice!

In other news, it is still raining here. We're getting a lot of rain which is great but it means walking in the rain, carrying baby to the car in the rain, walking Evie in the rain...we are ready for a little reprieve. 

Hello from Evie!

Cookie Swap 2014

Last Sunday, I hosted a cookie swap. I strapped Ethan on me to get things done! Here, he helped with the cookies. haha

He did a good job of not grabbing everything in sight!

This was the easiest party ever because all of my guests brought appetizers! I literally bought the drinks and made cookies to swap. 

Nicole & Andrea

Lana & Bailey...Lana has a baby 2 weeks older than Ethan. You might remember her from maternity leave when we went on walks together. 

Me and Bailey

Ethan and Zane. We can't wait for these guys to play together. We put them together and they were pawing at each other. It was cute. 

Evie got a little gift from Betsy and was so happy to receive a gift. haha

This guy did not want to go to bed. He ate and started to fall asleep. Then, he was in his crib rolling around and I finally just took him out for 20 minutes. I put him back to bed 20 min late and he was out -- for the night. That's right, EGL sleeps all night now! It is getting a little more consistent. Last night, he slept 730-630. I remember thinking "when will he just sleep all night" and it's happened gradually so it wasn't a big celebration like I thought it would be. We're happy, of course, to get more sleep but honestly, I didn't feel THAT run down or tired even when waking up once. All I have to say about sleeping through the night is....just listen to your baby, understand he will transition into sleeping all night when he's ready, and don't freak out over what anyone else/a book tells you. People will say "oh my baby slept thru starting at 3 mos" or "you're baby SHOULD sleep all night as of X months". I just took all that with a grain of salt and knew EGL would do it when he was ready. 

Ugly Sweater Party


Last Saturday was a pretty chilled out day. We did take a walk downtown for lunch to Imm Thai. I had the pad thai and it was delish. You know the food is good when you see the staff eating it. The people that own the restaurant seemed to be Thai so they had to know some good recipes. 

We stopped at A Dora Pie on the way home for a slice of pie. This was some expensive pie - $7 a slice or $35/pie. It was good but not $7 good!

These two cuddling together...

Around 5pm, we went to Ethan's first party! We went to an Ugly Sweater party at our friend Sarah's house. I tried to order an ugly onesie from Etsy but it didn't arrive in time so instead, Ethan dressed up for the occasion. 

Ethan and Nicole

There was another baby there who was 10 months. The two babies really had no interest in each other. haha

blah - blurry pic. But, Ethan and the girls from work. 

Family Pic

It was a fun time but we had to leave early to put Ethan to bed. It was a fun party!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

These Peppermint Pretzel Slims are SO good. Get them at TJ's and try not to eat half the bag in one sitting. I have to ration myself. 

Hello from Ethan 

He is starting to try to "blow raspberries" with his mouth. It's so funny. If you do it to him, he will do it back which is hilarious. 

He loved this little baby on the diaper box the other day. 

Pals. This was the day Ethan wore jeans. He is not a jeans guy. He was uncomfortable when I put them on and when I had to re-put them on after a diaper change. He is a soft pants guy for sure. 
Did you hear about the "storm" we got? Media hyped this one big time as "biblical rains" and winds up to 70mph. Schools closed! Work said "work from home!" Newspapers told people to stock up on water and batteries. 

We got a few inches of rain. #stormfail haha

We both stayed home on Thursday due to the "storm" and had Ethan with us. 

He is a good little coworker

Ethan's first stocking is up!

 EGL just chillin in his crib. I prop him up in the pillow and he just plays and amuses himself. 

 This was on a garage door in Oakland. Doesn't it look like Evie?!

Hope you had a good week!