Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Landscapers and Lunches

On Thursday, we just hung around Erik's parents house. It was an exciting moment when the landscapers came to mow the lawn!

I really did not pack appropriately for the weather. When we got there, it was cool but then it got WARM. It was in the 80's for days! I went out with my Mom in the afternoon to the mall to pick up some shirts to wear while I was there. 

Erik holding HG while she slept. 

We went to my parents house for pizza dinner on Thursday night to finish out our first day in CT.

Friday morning, we played with Snapchat (once I figured out how the heck to use it). I felt so old trying to get it to work!

The house across the street had this little digger so Ethan had to check it out!

While out with my Mom, we picked up some new clothes for Harper. I brought 3 month clothes for her and some of the stuff barely fit. Here she is in 6 month clothes!


We went to Southport Brewing Company for lunch 

Milford Landmark

Harper met Uncle Jaime on Friday

Hanging out with Grandma

Off We Go

On Wednesday, we got up to finish packing, have breakfast, and leave for the airport. Our flight was at 1:45 but we had to leave around 10 to make sure we got there on time, check our bags, security, and eat before going on the plane. It was a little cold out so we put HG in her lamb coat that my Aunt Sue gave her. It's a little big but doesn't she look so cute? haha
We got everyone packed up and went down to SFO. We didn't have to drop Evie off this time because our Nanny stayed at our house with her. We were gone for a long time for her to be at camp so I'm glad she was able to stay at home. 

Ethan helped push his stroller through the airport. He did a pretty good job, too!

We got some lunch before the flight. Ethan wanted to chat with everyone around him to tell them that he was going on an airplane. They indulge him for a few min but then we have to get him to turn around and sit. 

Harper passed out in her favorite spot, the carrier on me. 

Sweet Girl

Family shot - Oh Erik! It's not going to be that bad....

Harper's 1st flight! She did great. She slept on and off the whole time and nursed when she was hungry. 

This guy didn't nap AT ALL. He was bouncing around, playing with his toys, eating, watching TV. 

Look who got to shut his eyes for a few seconds

We landed in NYC at 10:15pm and Erik's Dad picked us up. We got to CT around 11:30 and then put everyone to bed. 

Tuesday Walks

On Tuesday, HG and I were up early so Gilmore Girls kept us company until everyone woke up. 
 Ethan had school so Erik dropped him off and then went surfing. Harper didn't want to lay down for a nap so into the carrier she went for a walk. We walked for about 1.5 hours to downtown and home while she slept. 
I listened to another Gilmore Guys podcast where they interviewed Keiko Agena aka Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls. It was good but so long. Those Gilmore Guys can talk! 

This is one of my favorite houses in Berkeley probably because it looks like a New England house. I'm sure it would be like $1.3MM if it sold here!

We went downtown and strolled. We stopped into the Cheeseboard to see the piles of cheese and found they sell bagels and muffins that look so good!

We found a little indoor food court with a sushi place, burritos, and more WITH great outdoor seating. We will have to go there on a weekend for lunch. 

We had lunch at this little place that I've driven by a million times. You pick your chicken and your sides so I had Teriyaki soy chicken and a yummy grain salad. 

Harper woke up at the restaurant and then we hustled home to go pick up Ethan

Later in the day after baths. Ethan can be so cute with Harper. He will rub her head and say "Hi Harper" a bunch of times. He is taking more of an interest in her now that she is starting to hold herself up and whatnot. We pretend to have her talk to him and he likes that, too. haha

A Monday Together

Happy Monday!
Erik was off on Monday & Tuesday before we left for CT on Wednesday. He took two weeks of paternity leave for the trip. We were able to spend the day together which was nice. 

Harper just pushing up and trying to move around already

I put her in Ethan's bed when she woke up and they laid together. He was saying "Harper's in my bed!"

(Sorry I cant turn these!)

We went out to breakfast to a Berkeley staple - Bette's Oceanview Diner. This place has been on Food Network and is a famous spot. We had to wait about 30 min to sit down and this place is TINY inside! 

The menu and decor has a German influence. Doesn't Ethan look like this guy in the photo on the wall? haha

The food was good but nothing mind blowing. I wouldn't go back and deal with the wait when there are so many places to eat in Berkeley. 

After breakfast, it was rainy so we went to Studio Grow. Ethan ran around like usual. 

Did some painting

Dumped some Legos

Playing together

Later in the day, HG was sleeping so I took Ethan to the store to pick up stuff for dinner. I put him in the ERgo and we walked to Trader Joe's. He fit nicely in there and he loved the ride. It was easy to carry his 30lb on my back but him + a bag of groceries was a little much on the walk back. haha. 

Had some Punkin Ale to finish out the day!

Reconnecting Sunday

On Sunday, we were reunited with the babies and it was wonderful. 

I asked Ethan to show Harper his pumpkins while I went in the kitchen for a minute. I came back and found all of the pumpkins ON her. Whoops. 

We really just hung around on Sunday. The house was a mess but we just cuddled with the kids and chilled out. We also had to start preparing for our trip back to CT this week. REc

Cristin & Jake's Wedding

On Saturday, we drove all the way up past Sacramento for my dear friend Cristin's wedding. Cristin was my first close friend in SF and basically made me feel happy when we first moved here. I had major homesickness and doubts about living in SF but she swooped in and it was like finding my other half. We had the best time together in SF and then she moved back to Sacramento but we stayed in touch. She has always been there for me -- she came to birthday parties, baby showers, etc. She is a great friend. And now, it's her turn for a wedding!
I was sobbing at her wedding. Everything was so nice and I was so happy for them. She was crying while trying to say her vows so I was, too! 

They got married at the Monte Verde Inn where everything was held outside. It was a beautiful setting!

Erik and I out of the house. 

I think I look terrible in this photo. I look huge! I don't know if is the dress or the angle or just reality but it is a nice picture of us so I'm showing it. 

Oh just taking selfies during cocktail hour.

We sat with a lovely group of Cristin's coworkers

The best part of the night was when they announced that Cristin is PREGNANT!! wOOHOO!! I had a feeling she was. Now that I have been pregnant, I feel like i have a 6th sense for when people are. haha. They give off little clues! 

First dance

Me and Cristin

The new Dias family

We had a nice time at the wedding but we were eager to get home. It was a 2 hour drive and I was already so anxious to leave Harper. When we got home, the nanny said that HG spent a fair amount of time crying and reluctantly choked down two bottles but would only drink them when she was in the Ergo. So sad :-(

I know this is all temporary but it's hard to hear that is how she was while we were gone. I know she needs to learn how to take a bottle and let other people handle her but she is still so little.

Still it was nice to to be with Erik alone for a few hours! We talked about how we are going to try to get out solo twice a month. We'll see if we can make it happen!