Saturday, July 23, 2016


Harper Grace Luna

She was born on Monday, 7/18/16
Weight - 7lb 13oz
Height - 20.8" inches

She is such a sweet girl. She loves to sleep and EAT. 

Ethan was excited to see her in the hospital, then hesitant/not wanting to see her, and now he is happy she is home. He doesn't realize how delicate she is though so we have to hold him back from touching her so much. 

Evie is ambivalent. 

Erik is doing absolutely everything for us and Ethan. 

Awake! So far she has blue-ish eyes and dark hair. I'm sure that will change!

Asleep in the swing while Mama took a shower. 

Although I tried for a VBAC and pushed for 2 hours, we ended up with a c-section. Not what we wanted but at the same time, we were prepared to take that route. The best birth plan to have is one where you can toss it out the window because you never know what will happen. In this case, she was pretty far down but would not descend beyond my pubic bone. Now, I think that was the case with Ethan too but he had the combo of his heart rate dropping too. 

I'm not made to push out babies and that is OK. We have two beautiful babies who will be just fine in life! 

ONce Harper was delivered, they showed her to me immediately and then put her on my chest while they sewed me up which I really appreciated. So far, she has been such a good baby!

More to come! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Heather Farms and Out to Dinner

Sunday morning, we woke up to foggy & cold weather. It was only about 57 degrees out and gloomy. We decided to drive further east to get out of the fog and out of the house. I am STILL PREGNANT and cannot just sit around the house all day or I will go crazy. 

We went out to Walnut Creek  to this awesome playground/park called Heather Farms. We brought Evie with us, too because she is going stir crazy at home. 
The park has some sand volleyball pits that these two dug in

There is a big pond to walk around and also a huge playground

Nice pond with a fountain

He loved the playground and didn't want to leave

This was a big Pirate Ship that he loved

Speaking of pirates, we are loving this book lately

We made a stop at the car for snack time, some more playground, and headed home. One thing EGL said to us all weekend was "No, don't say that!" OMG he said it after EVERYTHING. 

My silly boy

We had lunch and Ethan seemed tired but he DID NOT WANT TO TAKE A NAP. Ugh, the worst. We were tired and he was bouncing off the walls. We putzed around at home until 4pm and then we needed to get out of the house again. I was getting so bored and antsy. I know, I know. When BGL arrives we won't be bored and enjoy the time now, etc but we are more than ready to have her here already!

Still cold and foggy so EGL had to bundle up. We just got this super cute, warm fleece for him at the Vineyard Vines sale. We went down to 4th St to stroll around, stopped into Crate & Barrel outlet, then went to an early dinner (at 5pm). We went to ZUT! and it was really good. 

No nap and going to a restaurant with a 2 year old looks like this. He got crayons and a coloring sheet but he was more interested in biting the tips of the crayons off so those got removed immediately. He wanted to walk along the bench to the other tables so we resorted to watching garbage trucks on you tube. 

He was quiet and we ate. Sorry, not sorry. We shared Burrata then I had the Gnocchi and Erik had steak. 

Me and the kids, except one does not want to come out and sit with us. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

A Standard Saturday & Time to Try Pineapple

On Friday night, I thought that we were starting to head down Contraction Lane. Was feeling backpain on and off inconsistently for about two hours but then it went away. 

We had a weird night with EGL. He woke up around 11 or 11:30pm crying and when I went in to see him he was telling me there was a Digger and a Grater outside and "gonna get ya". Maybe he had a bad dream? He went back to sleep but was up again 20 min later so we had to turn on the light and read some books but then he went to sleep again. He was up around 7:30 but tired. He asked for a "cocoony loony" and Bob the Builder. 

Despite being tired, I wanted to make breakfast so I made pancakes. Check out our paper plates. Probably killing the earth but saving our sanity. 

EGL got his pancakes with Christmas sprinkles on them. He was delighted!

After swimming, E&E went to the Farmer's Market where Ethan got a strawberry face. We all went to Costco quickly after swimming and headed home for lunch. 

We bought a pineapple at Costco since a wives tale is that it will induce labor. 

Ethan took a lonnnng nap in his bed which means he is getting more comfortable in his room and bed. Erik went surfing during nap time to try to get one last surf in. 

We had lasagna for dinner and I made a quick peach/plum tart. We had more peaches that were on their way out so used them up. 

We watched Straight Outta Compton to close out the day. So crazy how really nothing has changed with police/race relations since the 60's, the 90's, and now. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Baby Update and Selfies with EGL

Friday. No moves towards the baby arriving. I just hung around, went to Trader Joe's, and saw Ethan  until it was time to go to the doctor. Erik went to the doctor with me where we learned I am making some progress. If I don't have this baby by Thursday, I'll get induced. 

After the doctor, we went to get ice cream because...why not. 

Check out this awesome cucumber that is growing in Erik's garden. 

Ethan and I playing on the couch

We had pizza for dinner and Ethan went to bed easily. He is a full time bed sleeper now - can you believe it? It happened on his terms as soon as we let it go & decided not to stress over it. This always happens with baby stuff - you fret, google, ask around about something, then say "oh well, things will work out" and then they do. 

Fingers crossed that BGL decides to arrive this weekend!

Hello & Goodbye Due Date

Major news! Ethan slept in the big bed again without a peep!

He woke up a little earlier than usual but I can see him wake up and just lay there, talk to his animals, and hang out in bed. His favorites right now are Lambie and Penny Penguin. Lambie is a little lamb that was a gift for baby sister but he saw it and claimed it. Penny is a penguin my parents bought him in CT at the zoo and we named her. 

Hello 40 weeks. My due date is/was 7/14. Wasn't feeling so great yesterday and had a backache but that's it for movement forward. If nothing happens tonight, I have another doctor's appt tomorrow to get checked and possibly talk about getting induced. 

Today, I went crazy organizing and using my label maker. One sign of impending labor is a burst of nesting energy so perhaps this is  a good sign. 

Literally makes me so happy to see things organized. Hoping this also helps other people find stuff in our kitchen easily!

Flour, Sugars, Pastas. Up high so that little hands can't get them. 

OK so now the kitchen cabinets are organized and the bathroom linen closet. After digging in the linen closet, I found multiple sets of Queen sheets ( we have a king bed) and lots of towels with holes in them. 

Anyone have any towel or place to buy towels that they love?? Time to replace some of ours....

Despite his protest yesterday, EGL went to his bed for a nap today. A beautiful site to see him passed out asleep. 

Here is my project for the day, besides organizing. Went to Michael's and picked everything up today. Made it in about 30 min while watching RHONY. 

Last night, we went to Moraga to their Summer Concert Series. My friends Mary & Diane were there so we met up with them. Ethan took off to the sand pit and and Erik hung out with him for awhile. 
Enjoying some ice cream

Family shot 

BGL still moving around a lot. Can you see her resting on my right side leaving me looking lopsided. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More Storytime and Puffy Ankles

If you can believe it, Ethan slept the entire night in his big bed and did not wake up once. We could not believe it but we were so proud of him!

Our nanny had a doctors appointment in the morning so she arrived late morning. We played at home and then headed out. To play with these little diggers, Erik "made" rocks for Ethan out of rolled up black construction paper which Ethan loved. Do you see that couch cushion missing a cover behind Ethan? We are so thankful to IKEA for making this couch with removable covers. The amount of FOOD SMEARS that are on this couch is incredible. 

Did you know today marks 15 years ago that Legally Blonde came out? LOVE that movie. I was even Elle Woods for Halloween many years ago. How fun is this post that Reese Witherspoon had on Insta today. TRUE. 

We drove about 4 blocks to the library today because at 40 weeks pregnant, we are not walking anywhere. We went for story time and it was fun. Ethan gets a little shy going into a room of lots of kids. When we walked in, he immediately stopped and said "no!" but we sat down together and had a good time. 

Packed story time. The book reader was great AND there was a guitarist to sing the songs in between the book readings. 

Got some play time in before heading out to meet the nanny at the park

Dropped Ethan off at the park to see his usual crew and he was excited. When the share kid and Ethan saw each other, they started doing this happy dance and squealing. Don't worry, later on in the day, they were screaming and fighting over toys. OY. 

For nap, I put Ethan in his big bed and he was not having it. I must have put him back to bed 30 times but did not offer him the crib. He was bouncing on the bed saying "Mama, I'm awake!" so finally, I said OK no nap. 

I lounged the rest of the day and let the Nanny take care of him after that. She took both kids out when the other one woke up and they went to see a Digger in action down the street. I mean, seeing a giant truck up close AND a Digger in action...come on! What a week! Today was also garbage pickup so he got to see those guys too. 

Erik came home early and made a Blue Apron dinner for us. My ankles are all puffy at this point and my back aches when I make dinner. I am actually going to try to get a foot/leg massage tomorrow because I think it will help. I tried to walk Evie today, AROUND THE BLOCK. Worst decision ever. BGL was sitting in a weird way and it was the most uncomfortable walk!

In baby news....I don't have much. She was moving around a LOT tonight and it was super uncomfortable. I thought she was telling me she is ready to move on out but nothing consistent went down. Tomorrow is my due date!

I hope you are enjoying all of these frequent posts because I have a feeling they will have to die down once BGL is here. We are fondly remembering the first two weeks of having a newborn and how we just made our lives complicated by throwing a toddler into the mix of that.  :-)