Saturday, February 6, 2016

Family Sunday

On Sunday morning, we went to the hotel where the Lunas were staying to have breakfast with them. We knew Ethan's appetite was turning around because he housed a plate of fruit and french toast. 
Afterwards, we took a walk outside to see the boats. It was freezing outside but a pretty view!

After breakfast, we went to gymnastics class where Ethan ran around and had a ton of fun. 

During nap, I went to Costco. We are members again and it's working out well. I picked up this snack to prepare for Kimmy's visit this week!!!!!

I brought Evie to Costco and after shopping, we walked in Pt. Isabel where it was SO windy we could hardly walk! She did her business and we went home. 

For dinner, Elsie made us this awesome lasagna which was delicious. We said our goodbyes on Sunday because they headed back east early Monday AM. 

Fun weekend together!

Swimming and Zut!

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at home and got ready for swimming. I was still hacking up a lung so Erik did swimming duties that day. 

Ethan loves swim class and we are so grateful that we started him so young. 

Time to backfloat...looks like he is on a lazy river somewhere. 

He can hold himself onto the wall BUT he licks the wall. So gross. 

After swimming, we had lunch at home and then Ethan took his nap. While he napped, Wilson, Erik, and I went out to Walnut Creek to look at some houses. With #2 on the way, we are starting to look around to see where we should settle down. Berkeley is super expensive for small houses ($600k+ for 3Br, 1Ba and may not have a yard) but is close to everything. Oakland has some great houses in wooded areas but the high schools are terrible so everyone goes to private school. Next heading east is Orinda, Moraga, and Lafayette which has great schools and homes but very little under $1MM price tag. After that, you hit Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill...very suburban, further from the city,but good schools and reasonable-ish home prices. 

We went to three houses that were fairly small and two had decent yards. We merely went to look to see what is out there, nothing serious. 

For dinner, we went to Zut! on 4th St. in Berkeley. We have walked by this place a million times but never eaten there. We all really enjoyed it so we were glad we tried someplace new. 

This is EGL chowing on a lemon...he loves them!

Luna's Visit & More Studio Grow

Rewind to last Thursday when the Luna's arrived for a quick visit. They got here in time for dinner so we had pizza dinner at our house. 

On Friday, it was raining so we went to Studio Grow with Ethan. He loved the ball pit and the basketball hoop that day. 

Then, it was time for trains at the train table. 

He really concentrates on what he is doing. 

Studio Grow is across from Whole Foods so we conveniently picked up lunch there and I worked from home the rest of the day. Erik's Mom made us all dinner at night which was great. 

Weekly Wrap Up

I'm going to do a Weekly Wrap Up and then I'll backtrack to last weekend with the Luna's!

Overall, we had a good week except I was so tired at night, I couldn't blog. I am finally feeling better but still have lingering cough and congestion. ugh! 

It WAS a phase of Ethan not eating last week because this week, he is back to his old self. He also said his first sentence:

Then, he said another one "this is an orange". He loves those little cutie/clementine oranges. Then today, he said "I did it" and "I have it."

He also knows exactly what we are talking about and answers us now. Yesterday, I showed him two kinds of bread and said, Do you want raisin or plain? He said plain. DO you want it in the toaster? No. Do you want any jam on it? No. OK then!

Made this Valentine wreath this week. 

Evie turned 10 on Feb 1st !!!!

He needs a haircut...He is starting to look like Trump!

He got another tooth this week. He has most of his teeth on the bottom now. This tooth was bugging him because he was cranky. I bought him this little thing he can hold with rubber on the end to chew on the new tooth area. 

Erik and I also went to a fun Superbowl party on Friday night that I will tell you about!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

What a week. Remember last weekend, we all weren't feeling well? Well, that dry cough I had turned into a major cold that landed me in urgent care. I went to work on Monday and left early. Tuesday and Wednesday, I was so stuffed up and had this terrible cough. I could barely sleep on Tuesday night because I couldn't breathe. Ugh!

Finally on Wednesday, I went to Urgent Care where they said I have....a cold. Or, upper respiratory infection if you want a fancier word. They cleared me to take Sudafed and Robitussin DM for the cough. Thank God!

They made me wear a mask!

I told my manager the news about Baby Girl so I will go out on maternity leave in June and head back to work in early November.

Erik played hockey on Monday at 11pm and Tuesday at 8pm. He was wiped out on Wednesday. Oh and neither of us slept on Tuesday night due to my coughing. How lucky is Erik? He has been the best this week. He went out and bought me a humidifier to help with my sickness, made dinner twice this week, did Ethan's bathtime, and walked Evie morning & night.

This is some pho/chicken soup Erik made us. I put about 1/2 a cup of sriracha in it to help clear my nose!

This crazy cat ATE wax off his father's surfboard. He was climbing around on the couch and touching the board. Next, I see him put his finger in his mouth and say "Mmmm"

Just hanging around, looking innocent

No longer content with sitting on the counter!

Chowing on his graham cracker

Also chowing on a cucumber

On Thursday, Erik's parents arrived for a long weekend visit!

Books of the Week

He loves this book and even says "huggle buggle"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ethan: 19 Months

19 Months

Little Ethan is becoming a little kid. He knows what he wants and is vocal about it. Says "no" and "yeah" when he wants something. He is fun, funny, and a good helper. He loves to cuddle and is still more clingy to me. Loves to play hide and seek, in his bed with his blankets. He thinks its hilarious!

Our perfect little eater is now not wanting to eat so much He sits down to eat, takes two bites, and says "done!" It is super frustrating after making his dinner tray up and knowing he used to clean his plate. So, now we are doing distraction eating where he gets up and plays and we feed him while he plays. The nanny is doing it for his lunch, too.

She was following him around the park one day feeding him and can you believe someone said something to her? They said, You should sit that kid down and make him eat. You shouldn't be following him around like that.

Pre-Kid, I would've said the same thing but if the options are following him around or having him not eat, I choose follow him. Everything is a phase...

Napping 1-4 and sleeps 730-730-ish. I should say he goes to bed by 730 but it can take him up to an hour to fall asleep. He sleeps all night except if there is something wrong like being sick.

A million words. Copies everything we say. New words that come to mind are:
Oso (bear, in Spanish)

18 month clothes. Can still fit in some 12 mo clothes but the sleeves are too short on the shirts. haha I can see him creeping into 2T in the next few months.

Trucks, Trains, and Cars - all day, every day.
Books - Comes over with books and says "read!" At night, when it's time to read books, he says "sit" to me so I can sit and read to him. Told you he knows what he wants! haha
Nanny takes them to a little community gym and she said Ethan loves to play basketball
Knows when the hockey game is on. Picks up his stick and pushes the ball in the net then says "goal!"
Likes to ride in the bike seat for a bike ride

Ethan throws his food and his toys and we are not allowing it. If he does either, he has to get up and get the item. He doesn't like doing this because he knows he did something wrong. He will say "no!" or try to cuddle up on you but we just ignore both behaviors. You can ask him to put it in the trash and he will walk it over which is hilarious.

Remember I said the nanny share baby was biting and hitting him but he didnt react? Well, he is starting to. One day, I was home, and the nanny baby and Ethan were fighting over a car. They were both holding onto it tight despite EGL having a car in his other hand. He took that hand with the car in it and wacked the kid in the head. OY.

To other kid is a biter though. I have watched him lean over with his mouth open and I've told him "NO!' before. Not cool.

When I said Ethan is a good helper, he loves to help in the kitchen. He can stand on his toes and reach the top of the counter now. He loves to sit on the counter while we are cooking and he says "help". I usually give him something benign to do or hold which makes him happy. He helps stir the scrambled eggs a lot.

He often tells us "pee pee" or "poo poo" that he went in his diaper. I read this is a first sign of understanding going the bathroom and leaning towards potty training. Ethan sometimes follows Erik into the bathroom and watches him pee. Then, he stands there up against the toilet holding his diaper. haha.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sick Weekend

Our weekend was pretty chill as we are in that swimming & gymnastics weekend. That is our life until end of Feb. It's OK though because we all didn't feel well this weekend. Ethan has had that cough that seemed to get worse this weekend, Erik has the cough, and I do too now. 

Ethan can now say Blankie and loves to pull one of his little blankets out of his crib. We got a bunch of these super soft, polyester blankets as shower gifts and he loves them. 

Loves the cinnamon toast from TJ's

Coughing morning but I asked him if he wanted to go to swimming and he enthusiastically said, "yeah!" So, we went to class and he didn't cough the entire time.  Came home, he took his nap. While he was out, I went out to do some errands including hit up the new Nordstrom Rack nearby. We are going to a fun party next week and I needed a dress. 

When I came home, he woke up and looked terrible. Took his temp and he had a slight fever. Poor guy. He was just laying with me on the couch. I asked him if he wanted a snack and he said yes so we had popcorn and I put Chuggington on. He has never watched a tv show or movie but he didn't want to do anything but lay so I put it on for him. 

Snuggling and popcorn eating. My sweater is just sitting weird - My belly is not that big!

On Sunday, we went out for bagels and went to gymnastics. Ethan was feeling better and we had a normal day. I took him and Evie for a walk after nap and let him out of the stroller. He was running around but it was so muddy that I had to capture him which made him mad. 

Ugh. Here's to all of us feeling better soon. 

In other news, we officially have to buy EGL a new car seat. He outgrew his baby seat 3" ago. WHOOPS! He still fits in the seat weight wise but his head starting hitting the top canopy and we were like, something isn't right. haha

Did the research and looks like we are going to get this one--Graco 4Ever All in 1

It is a convertible seat that we can use for 10 more years. This is the "last car seat we will buy" according to reviews. Once he's done with this seat facing back, we turn it to face forward. When he's done with the acutal seat, it turns into a booster seat. For the price, I'm glad it will last that long!