Sunday, July 5, 2015

1st Ice Cream cone!

Sunday was a chill day with beautiful weather. Erik went surfing in the morning and  Ethan was on the go all day. He played like mad all morning and took his morning nap a little late. When he got up, he was starving. 

Nom Nom on watermelon. He also ate turkey burger dipped in ketchup. I tried to teach him how to dip it himself but he was more interested in scooping it up with his fingers. He also can hold half of a sandwich now and feed that to himself. It feels strange to make that for him for lunch when just a week or so ago, I was cutting his food up into bit sizes for him. 

We took a walk around our neighborhood in Ethan's new car. There is a house in our neighborhood that is owned by a celebrity and was for sale so we walked by to take a look at it. This house is owned by Whoopi Goldberg just a few blocks away from us. From what I read, she owns the house but doesn't look like she ever lived there herself. 

After our walk, we went out for ice cream and Ethan got his first taste of ice cream. 

When we put the ice cream up to his mouth, he didn't know what to do! haha. I had to demonstrate to him how to lick the ice cream cone. 

Clearly, he loved it. He had some of Erik's and some of mine. I think he liked the mint chip better since he stole it out of my hand! 

He was also eating the cone AND bit the bottom of the cone. We tried to tell him you can't eat the bottom of the cone first but that just upset him. 

One new thing that Ethan was doing this weekend was....whining! Yes, he was doing this fake cry thing when he wanted something or didn't want something. 

He didn't want a second nap when he really should've taken one. We played, had dinner, and took another walk before bed. 

Eating and being outside makes him a happy guy. That smile is beyond!

Hope you had a nice Sunday!

4th of July

This was Ethan on July 4th, 2014. Last year, we were busy celebrating his one week birthday! 

Kimmy was visiting and taking care of us. Look how tiny Ethan was!

We were lounging together, sleeping for a few hours at a time, and recovering!

So precious. 

This was Ethan on July 4th, 2015. Looks like such a big boy now! Look at that hair. haha

We went over to Erik's coworkers house for a little BBQ. They had wood fire pizza oven in the backyard and the pizza was delicious!

We brought a berry trifle with us for dessert, the obligatory 4th of July dessert. 

Before having Ethan, I wondered why the Moms and kids ended up spending half the picnic inside. Why couldn't the Moms and kids just hang out with everyone else!? Well at this picnic, I learned why the Moms and kids can't hang out with everyone the whole time. There is no way Ethan would just sit with us outside while we ate and drank. He wanted to play in the sandbox, the water table, and with the zillion toys these kids had in their playroom. 

Since it was Erik's coworkers, it doesn't make much sense for him to be standing with Ethan in the sandbox or playing inside. So, now I get it. When you're at a picnic and the Moms and kids are inside, now you know why. 

Baby boy was zonked out in the car home. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Free Friday

Ah Friday, July 3rd = No Work! WooHoo! 

We woke up and had a leisurely breakfast with Ethan. He ate a scrambled egg with cheese, strawberries, another slice of cheese, and wheat bread with coconut oil. He would've had some coffee if we let him, too! Geez!

After breakfast, we got dressed and then I organized Ethan's clothes. He has so many clothes and we just got a shipment of hand me downs from my friend Kirsten who lives in MA. I went through everything and we are keeping a bunch of things but there are some things that I know we won't use, even if we have another baby. You just know your style!

We found this bandana bib in the box so I put it on EGL. Doesn't he look like an Outlaw? hah

He was outside digging in the garden. Erik has a red pepper growing and Ethan wanted to pull it off!

Check out his pants. They are seriously clam diggers at this point. Time to move up to 12 months sized pants (in some brands). 

After playing, napping, and lunching, we drove out to Walnut Creek. We stopped by my friend Kelsey's house to pick up my bike that I lent her last summer. I am going to fix up my bike and get a baby seat so I can ride Ethan around!

Then, we went to the Clarke Memorial Pool near Heather Farms playground. It's a public pool that costs $5 per person and it was nice! They had a baby pool and a huge lap pool. 

We swam for a little while and then Ethan was cold so we got out. Good thing we brought food because he was ready to eat again! 

How cute is that hat on him?! He is actually keeping it on his head which is a miracle. 

After swimming, we met up with my friend Elizabeth, Joe, and their baby Willow. We went to Maria Maria in Walnut Creek for drinks and appetizers. 

Look at Mr. Man looking at the menu. You KNOW if he could talk, he would just hand the menu back to the waitress and say, "I'll have one of everything!" haha. We ordered him a black bean and cheese quesadilla. 

We sat and chatted for about an hour and then Ethan was done. He skipped his afternoon nap so no sleep + sun+ swim wore him out. He promptly passed out in the car for the ride home. 

Sweet boy. We are SO glad we put him in swim class at six months. He had no issues going into the pool today. We saw another little kid that was about two who didn't want to go in the water. Who knows why - maybe it was too cold or maybe he was scared. Ethan isn't scared of the water now and I hope it stays that way!

Fun free Friday off together!

Doctors Appointment and Playtime

On Thursday, I got out of work early to take EGL to the doctor for his one year old appointment! He is growing and developing well. He had to get two shots and a toe prick. The shots used to be in the legs and these two were in his arms. Sadness. He knows enough to know something is up at the doctor now. He was SO upset - crying and breathing fast. I just hold him and then we sang his favorite "popcorn" song and he was fine. He was a little cranky on the ride home but he was fine when we got home. 

At the doctor's, there is a little treasure chest where the kids can pull out a little toy after their visit to take home. This was our first visit where we did that! We picked out this rubber red and white bug that Ethan is holding in the photo above. 

We got home around 2:30 so we got to spend the afternoon together. 

Playing with the vacuum part that also doubles as a musical instrument. He likes to hold it and yell into it to hear the echo

He didn't want his afternoon nap so we went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things. I pushed him in his new car to the store. It was a fine ride for him but the wheels are hard plastic so it is a LOUD ride. 

We hit the playground when we got home and had the place to ourselves!

 Evie had a fun day, too. She went out on a pack walk with her friends. Those anti-inflammatory injections are working wonders on her and she is back to her old self. 

Look at her smiling in the photo below!


Oh yeah. Ethan is ONE!

Photos by my friend Kira of Nuena Photography
Wow. One year. 
Ethan is now 19lb 13oz (10th percentile!!)
He is a little guy in terms of weight but the doctor is not worried one bit. He eats SO SO SO much food but he burns it off. He literally works out all day and does circuits around the house. He only stays still when he's asleep. haha
29 3/4" long

Someone at work asked me if Erik and I celebrated making it through one year. Honestly, we didn't need to because we have it so good with Ethan. We don't feel like we just made it, had a great year with Ethan. I definitely remember those early days and weeks where we didn't know what was going on or what EGL needed. Those were the hard moments but in the scheme of things, we weren't suffering for days or weeks.

Eats: I literally cannot even list everything he eats. He is a PIG. If you have something, he wants it even if he just finished his meal. His latest things that he likes are crab cakes, pesto tortellini from TJ's, french fries, puffed green beans from TJ's, quesadillas, and peanut butter & jelly. He wants to eat food whole though - not cut up. He holds a half of a sandwich or a wedge of a quesadilla. He also wants to hold his cheese stick and use a spoon for his yogurt.

He is starting to use a spoon and fork. He either gets a tiny bit of food or a LOT of food on his utensil and shoves it in his mouth.

He only drinks from a cup with a straw and has been doing so for a few months. We officially put the bottles into storage.

Speaking of bottles, we are DONE breastfeeding and drinking breast milk. He weaned himself off a few weeks ago.

Sleeps: All night. 7pm - 7am or later. The past few weeks, we have had a few 8am wake ups. I definitely start pacing and staring into the monitor by 7:45 to see if he is alive in there. He is really good at going to bed. He knows how to put himself to sleep and we have a bedtime routine of bath, books, bed. We definitely have our nights where he stands up in the crib, cries, calls for Mama and we have to go in once or twice. But most nights, even if he stands up, he eventually lays back down and goes to sleep.

Plays: LOVES trucks and buses. When he sees one on the street, he is pointing and squealing. It's pretty funny. Loves the playground, swings, slides. Likes balls and musical instruments.

Has his favorite books and songs now sd
Swim class
Seeing and interacting with other kids and babies
Going to bed.

Dislikes - Riding in the car for awhile(still)

He is voluntarily giving up his pacifier for bed time. He is arching his back and turning his head if we try to give it to him for bedtime. He is not a cold turkey boy so I think it will be a little while before we officially pack them away but I can see it starting now.

Wednesday: The Party is Over

On Wednesday, Grandma and Grandpa Luna came over for breakfast. Erik made us all pancakes! We said goodbye to them and they left for their flight back to CT. 

It was a great almost two weeks with our family visiting! 

We packed Ethan up and brought him over to the Nanny. She missed him since he took some time off while the family was visiting and spending time with him. 

Now that the family has gone home, the 1 year celebration is over. We are going to settle back into the routine and enjoy the new toys Ethan has. We also have this weekend off but then my Uncle Tim is going to be in town next weekend to see us! 

Tuesday: Habitot

Mr. EGL looking cute in a new outfit from Grandma (To avoid confusion on here, I'm going to call my parents Grandma/Grandpa and Erik's parents Grandma/Grandpa Luna)

Grandma and Grandpa Luna brought Ethan to Habitot on Tuesday. It's an indoor, children's play place. Ethan and I went there back in January or February but now he is bigger to play with more stuff there!

He had fun with the trains and trucks.

Climbed around

Met a little girl while playing

When I got home, we had happy hour at the house. Ethan ate about 10 pieces of watermelon and a wedge of cheese. He literally picked up the entire block of cheese and took a bite. I am SCARED for what our grocery bill will look like in a year let alone when he is 15!!!

Evie had to wedge herself in there to see if anything would drop in her mouth

Grandma Luna made us yummy chicken dinner to wrap up the day!