Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Doctor's Visit and Friday Happenings

Late in the day on Thursday, the nanny share kid was screaming while they were playing at the train table and EGL started to CRY. He was covering his ears and he said "my ears hurt". He has had this cold for a week of congestion and cough which over the past year has also turned into an ear infection. We didn't want to take any chances so on Friday AM, I took him to the drop in hours at the doctor. I am SO happy they have drop in hours from 8-9!

Another thing we did on Friday AM was have cleaners come to our house. We've never had someone come to clean but we wanted to do this before the baby comes to ensure everything was deep cleaned, especially has we switch the rooms around for EGL. Our Nanny REALLY helps us by doing the dishes and laundry but we didn't want to ask her to get on her hands and knees and clean the baseboards behind the TV!

The two cleaners were here for THREE hours. They moved the furniture and scrubbed the baseboards, the shower, etc. Everything we wish we would do but either don't have time/energy/desire or I can't do right now. The house looked and smelled great!

Ethan awfully cheery on the way to the doctor. He said to Erik "Going to the doctor to check my ears." We went to the doctor and it was a STRUGGLE to have his ears checked. The last time we went for a possible ear infection, they had to clean wax out first which he HATED. So of course this time, when the doctor only wanted to look in his ears, he had a fit. She did get a look and he does not have an ear infection so that's good. Just a cold....

After the doctor, we went to Costco. We got there right as they opened and people were already swarming the place. Ethan wanted to sit in the big part of the cart AND eat the food as I put it into the cart. 

After Costco, I dropped him off at the park to be with the Nanny and the share kid. He played outside for awhile then came home for lunch and nap. 

I went to my now weekly doctor appt in the afternoon where they said I'm measuring on time. So, now we just wait for her arrival!

I also went for a mani pedi which was just lovely. I think they gave me extra massage time because I'm pregnant and it was great. 

Evie relaxing on the couch

Gymnastics was on last night again so we watched that and had pizza for dinner at home. Ethan was practicing his "flips" again. Too funny!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Making Ramen + Little Gymnast

On Thursday, we had the nanny share at our house so I did some errands. I took Evie to Target with me to pick up sheets for Ethan's new bed and a little ottoman for BGL's room. That was one learning  I had with EGL was to have an ottoman for the glider chair. The glider that will stay in the baby room has a foot rest but it doesn't come up high enough and it's hard to stand up with a sleeping baby with the foot rest up. 

Anywayyyyy, I also had to drop a form off at Ethan's pediatrician for his 3 days of preschool next week. I drove over to the doctor office and forgot the form! Told you I have pregnancy brain. I went back over later in the day. Good thing the office is close!

I also put the infant car seat back together after washing the cover. Look who climbed right in...

After lunch and while EGL was napping, I went to the mattress store to look for a bed for EGL. First, I went to Mancini's Sleepworld and the "Manager" was there yet he was on the phone and barely helped me. It was also hot in the store and when I left, I thought there was no way I was buying anything from this dude. 

I went to Sleep Train next and it was bright, cool thanks to the AC, and the guy working there was normal and nice. I ended up picking up a mattress and box spring AND buying it. We looked at mattresses at IKEA and I really went to compare IKEA v. something else. However, since I found something I liked, I figured to just get it v. another trip to IKEA. Also, they will deliver it for us which will allow us to avoid hoisting a mattress on the top of our car and Erik trying to tie it up there alone.

Hmmmmm beds are expensive - even twin beds. We are going to need a new King mattress soon and its going to be $$$$. UGH. 

We are trying to get Ethan psyched about his new room. We moved some of his toys in there and he plays in there. When we ask him if he's excited for his big boy room and bed, he says 'Yeah!" We'll see....

When I got home, Evie was getting home from her pack walk and cuddled on the couch. 

For dinner, we had Ramen from Blue Apron. We weren't super excited about it but it was good. One ingredient was black garlic, see below. Weird looking but tasted normal...

The ramen turned out good! Even Ethan ate noodles in the broth!

The Men's Gymnastics Olympic Trials were on so we watched them after dinner. Check Ethan out doing his gymnastics, too. 

Sewing Woes, Pregnancy Update, and Sous Chef

On Wednesday, our Nanny came so Ethan had a regular day of going to the library and seeing the nanny share kid. I was happy to see her because two days of activities with Ethan is tiring at this stage of being pregnant. It also gave me a chance to do errands and organize stuff in the house. 

While I was organizing, listen to what happened to me. I put our crockpot in our closet (because have no storage!) on the top shelf. While I was putting it up there, I forgot about the top to the crock pot because it came crashing down on my face. The side of the top hit me in the nose and my first thought was "oh crap, I broke my nose!" After some ice, I was fine and today I do not have a bruise. Geeeeeez Louise!

As for being pregnant, I think I am about 37 weeks now. I feel big, slow, and can't breathe properly. I can't sit up straight because it's so uncomfortable so even at a restaurant, I'm leaning back. Classy, right? Baby girl moves a lot, especially starting around 8pm. Sometimes her movements make me have to grip the couch because they are so big and bold. It honestly feels like she is trying to get out sometimes!!!
 I am still sleeping OK but waking up 1-2 times at night to go the bathroom and it also is a process to turn from one side to the other. I definitely have a case of pregnancy brain. I forget things, lose things, and generally feel disorganized. This is a 180 of my usual self and it's making me crazzzzy!!!

We are getting things all ready for her arrival. The hospital bag is mostly packed and the Pack N'Play is ready to be set up in our room. We are picking out a mattress for Ethan this weekend so hopefully, he can move into his new room very soon!

First, here are some pictures of Ethan helping me with dinner on Tues night. We had a Blue Apron dinner of Hoison turkey meatballs and rice. This dish was pretty good. 

He is eating raw zucchini here...

On Wednesday, I dropped our car off for a service checkup. The Ford place had a free shuttle to and from home/service center so that was nice!

I tried to make this super simple blanket for Ethan and instead wrestled with the sewing machine for two hours and really got nowhere. First, I had to remember how to use the machine since it has been so long since I've sewed anything. Then, the machine kept jamming so I figured the tension was off but I could not get it straightened out! After furiously texting my mom photos and going on You Tube, I walked away from the project. I was so annoyed!! 

After picking up the car, I went to the tailor to drop off some of Erik's pants and to the post office. Why is the post office always filled with characters? Yesterday, it was this woman wearing a hooded sweatshirt, with the hood up and a hat on top of her head. She wasn't listening to the numbers being called and thought she missed her turn. She starts rambling about how "Oh 17 serviced before 16. You must be Queen of Sheba." But they were on #15 so she had no idea what she was talking about. Then when they did call her #, she wasn't paying attention. 

Maybe she had too many hats on and it affected her hearing. 

This nice drawing was outside of the post office!

For dinner, we had Blue Apron again and this time, the dish was Catfish with cajun slaw and mashed potatoes. It was easy to make and was fried so it was pretty good. 

I also made banana bread at night which was realllllyyyyy good. 

Cal Academy and Little Farm

This is my first full week of maternity leave and it's been a good one so far. Being 9 months pregnant and having EGL solo for two days is tiring though!

My audience on Monday AM while I was getting ready for the day

On Monday, we went into SF and went to Cal Academy of Science. We did the loop of checking out the penguins, the antelopes(which he called Reindeer), the fish, and the albino alligator.


Antelope (or Reindeer as EGL called them)

There is one exhibit of a stuffed Cheetah with a little antelope type thing laying next to him. The little antelope thing is clearly supposed to be dead. Ethan went up to it and I was trying to focus on the Cheetah but he was looking at the dead animal saying "He's asleep!" ummm, yes, exactly!

We spent our allotted hour there before I was super tired and Ethan was ready to go. It was the perfect amount of time and I knew it was time to leave when he was bucking and straightening himself when I tried to get him in the stroller because I wouldn't let him climb on the guardrails to the giant dinosaur fossil exhibit. Ughhhhhhh. 

Trying to take a pic but he was not having it

He was also being toddler-ish on the ride home asking for his water bottle and then when he got it, saying "no water.". Repeat that for half the ride and add on crying when I said no more water. We were happy to see Papa when he got home!

Ethan picked up a cold somewhere over the weekend and Monday night he was up from 1-3:30am coughing and not sleeping so this was our motto on Tuesday AM.

On Tuesday, we went to JoAnn Fabrics and Little Farm. We went to the fabric store because I needed thread to hem curtains in Ethan's new room and fabric to make him a little blanket. 

JoAnn Fabrics is already pushing the Fall decor. Can we please have 4th of July first!?

He picked out his fabric on his own. I was standing there perusing the fabric and he reached over and found one that had trucks, etc, on them. So that was easy!

See this crappy, little stroller he is in? We bought it in Mexico at a Walmart for $15 and it is some of the best $ we've ever spent. It opens in two seconds, is super light, and easy to push. It lives in the trunk of the car and is so much easier than the City Mini for quick in and out car errands like this. 

Anyway, since JoAnn's was already into fall, they had these cute outdoor pillows on clearance originally $25 on sale for $7 so we bought two for our outside furniture. 

Onto Little Farm! It was SO sunny and hot out so we didn't stay long plus we arrived around 11:30 and the animals were eating lunch so not all of them were interested in the celery we had for them. 

Behold one of the GIANT pigs that are there taking a swim. Check out the video below...

One of five cows there, which includes two nursing babies - so cute. They wanted the celery and EGL was scared of their big heads and tongue so I fed them. He was gripping me so hard when they came for the food but they are so gentle. 

Hi Sheep! 

We walked UP the hill to feed the goats and the sheep then headed home for lunch and nap. Take a look back at our very first visit to Little Farm when EGL was just 9 months old

After Little Farm, we were wiped out. Home, lunch, naptime and Ethan slept from 1-5pm. I took a hour nap, too. Whew...Two days solo with him wore me out!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day & My Grocery Helper

Happy Father's Day! We started our day by bringing Erik out for breakfast to our usual spot. Despite getting there around 8:30, it was jam packed and we waited 45 min! Good thing this place has big outside waiting area for Ethan to run around. He was going up to other families with kids to say hello. He will also follow groups of "big kids" around. We ate and then Ethan had enough so we headed home. 

We gave Erik a TILE to help him find his keys in the morning and a massage gift certificate. 

It was so hot out yesterday - in the 80's and let me remind you that we do not have air conditioning! Ethan played at home and wanted to read books. 


I took EGL to the grocery store and he is quite the helper. He carried the bags for us into the store. 

He insisted on sitting in the big area of the cart with all of the food.

When we got to the checkout, he put the stuff on the conveyor belt for me. He also handed food to the Bagger and said "thank you!" for every item. Too funny. When we got home, he ran to Erik and said "help with the bags!" haha

For dinner, we grilled some chicken and vegetables outside 

Sprinkling Baby Girl Luna

On Saturday, my friend Sarah hosted a Baby "Sprinkle" for me and BGL. Erik could not remember the name of this shower and kept calling it a puddle. hahaha It was a low key event(per my request) so there were no games and just my close friends. We had it at Sarah's house out in Walnut Creek.

Andrea and Me

Diane and Me

Kristina, Me, Sarah, and Nicole

Havilah & Kira with baby Smith, Me, Betsy

Not pictured - my friend Liz who is newly pregnant with a boy! We were pregnant together the first time around. She had a girl and I had a boy and now it's switched!

We sat around, ate, chatted, and I opened gifts. I got more baby girl clothes and books which was great. We have so many clothes for her already!

When I got home, Ethan was awake. He was starting to get a cold and not feeling so hot. Later on, I pulled all of the tags off the baby clothes and went through a bag of Ethan's old clothes. I'm starting to wash them and get them ready!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

First Maternity Leave Day

I started my first day of maternity leave by waking up at 5:30am unable to breathe and starving. What else is new? I haven't been able to breathe on and off for MONTHS. I definitely had a few colds over the course of this pregnancy but this is also a pregnancy symptom. Basically, your nasal passages swell and you are stuffed up. It's annoying for sure!!!

Anyway, I watched RHONY and Evie cuddled next to me on the couch while we waited for Ethan to wake up. We played at home and Ethan gave me a run for my money. He wanted something then when I gave it to him, he was saying NO! We are trying to at least say "no thank you" so he doesn't sound like a total brat.

We visited his pre-school later in the morning. They said we can come to just check it out before he attends. He is going to go for three 1/2 days at the end of June and then start two days a week in September. When we arrived, the kids were finishing their snack and then played outside. Ethan ran in and was running around saying "toys! trucks! trains!". I'm sure he was overwhelmed by all of the toys they had.

We went outside to play too but he was more interested in everything inside. Towards the end of the hour long visit, he went outside and said "Hi" to the kids. We might try another visit this week, too. 

When we got home, the Nanny arrived for the afternoon. First, I went to lunch with two friends Caitlin and Kate in downtown Berkeley. We went to a new restaurant called B&B which was pretty good. They sat me first in a booth and I could barely fit!

We moved seats and had a good lunch. I had the fried chicken sandwich(well 1/2 of it because I am the stage where I can't eat a lot at once!) I would go back and try dinner there. 

Then, I had a doctors appointment which was routine and didn't take long. They are starting to remind me what to do about labor and gave me a pamphlet on the tests they do for newborns. I can't believe in a few weeks, we'll have TWO kids. 

When I got home from lunch and doctor, I took a nap which was amazing. One activity a day is all I can handle and that was three in a row. 

Later on, I brought Ethan to Trader Joes. He insists on sitting in the big area of the cart but this time, he organized the food all around him. haha

 He also found the cucumber we were buying and started eating it in the store, right through the plastic. Too much!!!

We made pizza at home for dinner. One being a Blue Apron potato & spinach pizza.

Hats off to maternity leave!