Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

I am ending this week with a cold. BLAH! I was SO stuffed up yesterday but I am feeling a little better today thanks to NYQUIL. Last year at this time, I was still nursing Ethan so I couldn't really take much when I got a cold but this time around, I can so that is a relief.

Anyway, we had a good, especially Erik because his team won the hockey championship again! WooHOO!

Ethan said "cloud", "agua", and "no" this week. I also think we are over the pacifiers. He knocks your hand out of the way if you try to give him one for nap or bedtime. If he does accept it, he throws it on the floor so we have just stopped giving it to him. He was never tied to it so I didn't think we would have a hard time taking it away. I'm just glad he decided to stop using it over it being something we had to make happen.

Just using his tools to do some work


Erik sent me this pic the other day. Remember this little dude?  Probably only 6 mos old there. 

We played with markers this week. Ethan loved them but he loved trying to hook them all together more than using them. He loves to put things together - buckles on his stroller, the markers, puzzles....

In swim class, we say "torpedo" we try to have the babies put their arms up. I said it randomly one day and he did it! haha

 HNO was dinner at The Advocate, a new restaurant in Berkeley with Andrea, Nicole, and Sarah. We also had plans to see Avenue Q after dinner but we didn't make it. Well, I wasn't planning on making it because I didn't feel that well. No one double checked the show time and at 7pm (while sitting at dinner), Sarah asked if the show was at 7. Andrea said 7:30. THe internet said 7pm. WHOOPS. They missed the show. Thankfully, we had FREE tickets from Andrea's work but we felt bad that we requested the tickets and didn't show up. Oh well, what can you do. Dinner was good and I would definitely go back!
 On Friday, I worked from home so I got to spend more time with EGL. He sported his Block Island onesie from Auntie. 

Laughing at himself in the camera 

We have a much more chill weekend plan that includes getting pumpkins!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Winemaking Sunday

After a busy Saturday, we had a more relaxing Sunday. First, Erik went surfing while Ethan and I visited our friend Lisa. She is pregnant with her 2nd baby and is on bed rest. We brought them some dinner since she can't really get up to cook these days. We played with her son, Oliver, for a little while and chatted then headed home. 

Erik is getting into winemaking now. He recently bought 100lb of grapes from a local shop that gets their grapes from the Napa area. He let them ferment for a few weeks then rented a crusher to crush the grapes. 

The grapes went into this cylinder and the juice poured into the bucket. 

Grapes ready to be squished!

Ethan, the helper. He actually did not help because he wanted to put his hands in the grape juice. 

Erik had this crank that he pushed the grapes with and all of the juice came out. He put the wine in a carboy and when its ready, he will bottle it. We will have about two cases of wine. Erik said this was easier than beer making!

Ethan was having trouble getting to sleep on Sunday afternoon and I had given him some books to read to get him to go to sleep. Check him out in bed - haha ,too cute!

He took a nap and I hit the grocery store quickly. I came home and we just hung out before dinner. We went to the playground for a little bit. Ethan had a snack of Chex cereal which you can see, Evie watched over carefully to see if she could get a bite. 

For dinner, we had fish tacos with fresh fish from Alaska. Cristin's Dad went on a fishing trip to AK and brought home 80lb of fish! He gave us some salmon and halibut so we had halibut tacos - so good! He was telling us about his experience on the fishing boat and it sounds like that show "Deadliest Catch". He was out there fishing and the waves were crashing. Sounds like a fun experience. I would love to go to AK! I've looked into it a few times and flights are very reasonable from CA. Maybe next year. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

1st Giants Game & a Hoedown

Hello Saturday, from this cuddle bug. This is after his swim class and he was cold. He took the towel and was cuddling himself. We had a substitute teacher for our class and she sucked! I want the teacher to take control and tell everyone what to do. She was slow to start the songs and the whole routine was off track. Oh well. We get our regular guy back next week. 

Ethan took a nap and when he woke up, we got ready to go to his first Giants game! We put him in a Giants shirt and packed his lunchbag to go. He loves this bag because it has cars, trucks, and planes on it. He was walking around the house with it and looked like he was ready to head out on his own!

"Bye guys, I'm off to work!"

Waiting for the train

The train was fairly empty so Ethan got his own seat to look out the window

We had good seats for only paying $18 for tickets. 

We stayed at the game for probably about an hour. We sat in our seats for a little bit while Ethan walked in front of us putting his hand in all of the cupholders. 

We walked to get a pretzel and sat some more. Ethan clapped when everyone else clapped for the game. hah!

Look at this kids hair. He needs a trim but we are waiting to get him one until we are in CT. Erik is going to take him to the same barber shop that he went to as a kid. 

Ethan didn't want to leave because he had so much fun running down the ramp we walked down from our seats. 

Almost home. Selfie cam to get Ethan to stay happy for those final few minutes of our trip. (That is Lou the Seal, the Giants mascot on his shirt)

When we got home, we rested for an hour and then hopped in the car to drive to Sacramento. Nanny came over to watch Ethan while we went to a sendoff party for Cristin & Jake.The theme was Texas Hoedown because  they are moving to Texas in two weeks. Jake is in the Air Force and got stationed in TX for the next couple years. 

Cristin was my first friend in SF and I am so grateful to have met her. She helped me through a serious case of homesickness(that lasted 2 years) and was my right hand buddy. We had such a fun time together. We still manage to see each other now and then despite her living an hour and a half away. 

Hope these guys have a fun time in TX. It's exciting to move to a new town to discover new things and settle into a new place. We'll see them for their wedding next October!

Fun day but LONG day. We rarely have these super busy days though so we powered through it and got home at 11:30. Thanks to Erik for driving us home because I was falling asleep in the car. 

1st Train Ride & SF Lunch

This kid loves Cinnamon Chex. He ate three bowls!

On Friday, I took Ethan on his first BART ride into SF! He loved the train and looking out the window. We went to meet up with Dad at work for lunch. 

I took him in the stroller which was a good decision in terms of getting him around but it was such a pain on BART. We had to take the elevator from street to main level then another from the main level down to the platform. The elevators move SO slowly and smell like pee. 

Looking out the window while riding the train. He was pointing at everything and loved the ride. 

We walked around Erik's office and had lunch . Ethan just wanted to run down the hall!

There is a lot of free food at the office and Ethan enjoyed the free Goldfish. His mouth is stuffed with them, below. 

When we left the office, we saw this mummy waiting for a meeting. hahaha

Ethan skipped his morning nap so he was out from about 3-5pm. We were going to try to meet up with the homemade moms again but it didn't happen. We had takeout for dinner and that was our Friday!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

I gotta be honest - this week felt long. Work was busy and by Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday. Isn't that the worst!?  I did ask for an additional role at work and got it, so that is exciting. I'm going to take on some media responsibilities which is new for me but I'm excited to learn something new.

Did you see this story in the news? I was dying laughing. "A woman accidentally mistook a can of polyurethane building foam for hair mousse. Unfortunately for her, she had already pumped her 'do full of foam before she realized her mistake."
HOW? hahahaha

Erik's hockey team is in the playoffs and won their first two games. They play for the championship next week. In even better news, our car didn't get broken into this week and his hockey stuff is intact. Yippeee! Unfortunately, his friends car window was smashed while they were in the rink playing hockey. SF is getting crazy. I think people are just getting desperate because rents are so incredibly high and people are getting pushed out of the city. I read numerous articles about how multiple families are sharing a 2BR apt. It's sad.

I got these pants from GAP this week and they are awesome- they fit like a glove. They are also mid-rise so they stay up without a belt and fit so well. Speaking of Gap, you know how they have a sale literally every day of their life? Well, I noticed a higher coupon code than the one I used, a few days after I placed my order. I simply emailed customer service and they gave me a price adjustment. Woot!

One day this week, EGL woke up at 5:30am for the day. Happy boy in his second pair of truck pajamas or "digger" as he would tell you!

That really never happens. I tried to lay with him on the reclining chair in his room which he did for a about 30 min but then he was ready to go. We turned his little light on in his room and he shoved a book in my hand. He is liking some longer book these days including:

I just bought EGL a bunch of books from Usborne books. I have never heard of them but my friend Melissa held a book party on FB and there were so many good ones for Ethan. I am going to hide them until our plane ride in a few weeks to keep him entertained on our LONG flight to NY.

Ethan got into coloring this week. And by into, I mean he bit the tip off of all the crayons and THEN colored. bahahaha. He came up to me crying with orange bits on his tongue! Guess who is also starting to throw fits when it's time to leave the playground? EGL apparently. Our Nanny said he was crying and hitting her when she picked him up to leave. In my weekly "Your child development" email I get, it says its about now that they will throw fits about things.

On Thursday, I went to a real yoga class at a studio. I felt so cool walking downtown with my yoga mat like I see everyone else in this town do (like Erik!). I went to Yoga To The People in downtown Berkeley for an hour class. I have been thinking about going to a yoga class for hmmmmm..... a year!? I am terribly inflexible and have very tight hips. The tight hips affect my running and killed me when I was training for a half marathon. My hamstrings are super tight and I know that I need to make a change now so that I can be flexible in my old age.

Anyway, went to class and....LIKED IT. I thought I would be bored and wondering what time it was the entire time but I really wasn't. I would say about half way through, I was wondering the time. However, half way through is when we stopped doing flow/warrior poses and went into pigeon(my fave) and some poses more on the mat. The teacher also turned the lights down further so it was really peaceful in there. Yoga to the People is donation based, suggested at $10, but anything goes. I will definitely be back, hopefully this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, we have a busy one planned. We have swimming, a Giants game, and then our friends Cristin and Jake goodbye party in Sacramento (all on Saturday) and then vising friends on Sunday. Whew.

Hope you had a good week!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ethan - 15 months

I haven't done one of these in awhile since we stopped tracking the monthly updates but I wanted to give you an update on how Ethan is doing.

Height 32" tall (79% percentile)

Weight 21lb 10oz (14% percentile)

Ethan is a little tall for his age and lower in weight compared to other kids his age. His doctor said he is a bit advanced in language skills because at this point, he should only say 2-5 words and I think we are up to 10 so far!
Loving that paper at the doctors. See that red mark on his side? Blackberries. I gave him his snack in the car and he got blackberries EVERYWHERE. 

Sleeps - All night. Goes to bed around 7 or 7/30 and sleeps until 7am the next day. Some nights, he goes to bed and he's just not ready yet so he cries and cries. Rather than rock him to sleep or make him lay there crying, we just get him up for another few minutes. I'll turn on the light and start bed time over again for him. He usually starts to yawn and is ready after 15 mins.

Eats - Still eats a lot in terms of variety and also volume. I am scared for my grocery bill in a few years, let alone when he is a teenager! Here is a sample of what he eats:

Breakfast -
1/2 of a hard boiled egg
Raisin toast with cream cheese

Cheese stick
Yogurt or fruit


He likes flavor in his food - nothing bland. He likes chicken marsala, chicken parmesan, dijon chicken in the crockpot....He also will eat salmon but it has to be marinated somehow. Does not like broccoli.

Plays - Loves his toy trucks and even says "zoom!" when he plays with them.
Loves books. He will get a book and come over to you with it. He wants to sit right in your lap for a good read. He will also grab your hand and shove the book in your hand.

Talks - Yes, says a bunch of words!
GO! Boat, Digger, Whoa, Mama, Dada, Moon, Sit, Cup, Cone(as in construction cone), Blast(its from a book)

Can point to different people when you ask where Dada, Evie, Mama is.

Walks - Yes, and tries to run. Likes to climb on the couch. Will soon be climbing on the kitchen counters. haha.

Behavior - Ethan is super social and loves to entertain. When we are out on a walk and we see someone, he stops and babbles to them. When we are at the store, he stares at people and laughs when they look at him. When we visit the senior center, he runs around the circle of old folks to get a laugh.

We love Ethan so much and he is so much fun to be around. He is funny, and seriously rarely in a bad mood.

Happy 15 mos baby boy! xoxoxo

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Volunteering & Playing Outdoors

Happy Sunday!
Chowing down on breakfast in his truck pajamas. 

Erik went surfing and I took both kids to the grocery store. Ethan was so good in the store as he rode along in the cart. Evie waited patiently in the car. 

We went down to the senior center to volunteer today. Ethan entertained the residents for awhile by playing with this trucks and a balloon. There is one woman that we've seen that never smiles. She just sits and watches. Today, she was sitting with one of the more chatty women(who is 90!). She was smiling and chatting with Ethan! 
We took a walk down to see the fish tank and he took a rest in the chair. 

When we got home, we just played outside and took a walk. We were all tired today so when Ethan took a nap, we all took a nap. 

He woke up happy. Doesn't he look like a little boy now sitting on the couch? He is 15 months old today! We're heading to the doctor on Monday for his appt and two shots. AHHHH. He definitely knows what is going on now and is going to be so upset by those shots. I bet he's about 21 lbs and 31" tall. 

After dinner and before bath, we went outside again. Erik brought the quadcopter out and Ethan's little ball that he was playing with. I wish you could see how excited Ethan was when we threw the ball to him. He was laughing so hard. 

It was actually cool today and we finally got a break from that insane heat the past two weekends. 

Erik picked up some Punkin Ale for us to end the night. This one is really good!