Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hanging with Sawyer and Exploring Condonices Park

Ethan Graham was so tired on Saturday after our big outing that he went to bed at 6:30. He woke up at 4am and then again at 730am. Love him for sleeping so well!!

He had his rice cereal with bananas for breakfast with a side of yogurt. He drank from his straw, too. 

After morning nap, our friends came over with their daughter Sawyer. She is 18 mos old and so cute!

Ethan loves other kids. 

They came over for a little bit and then we went to lunch at Picante. Ethan had some squished pinto beans, guacamole, and watermelon agua fresca for lunch. After lunch, he took a 2 hr nap & then we went outside for a little while. 

We went to Condonices Park in Berkeley. There is a playground where Grammy swang for a little bit and then we explored this little creek. 

We will probably come back next weekend with Evie. There were a lot of trails we can walk on. Plus, there is a great spot to watch the sunset. Beautiful views of the bay from this park!

Check out this adorable package of kiwis I bought today. 
Ethan loves kiwi. I gave him some with his dinner and he snatched it out of my hand to suck on it. I gave him an empty half shell of kiwi and he sucked on it. He also cried when I took it away!

Here is one more picture from Saturday. We were out to eat at Marin Brewing Co.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Marin Headlands

Saturday started with EGL waking up at 5:50am. He had some milk and didn't want to go back to sleep! He stayed up for about an hour and then was a complete crab apple so I put him back to bed at 7am. He woke up at 8:10, just 20 min before swimming was supposed to start. We rushed to get to swimming and made it. The benefit of living just 10 minutes from downtown Berkeley is that I strapped into the Ergo and we speed walked downtown. Whew! We made it to class and after wards, he took a 2 hour nap. 

Erik surfed in the AM and then came home while Grammy was sleeping. Once he was awake, we went to Marin to hike the Marin Headlands. Woohoo! Another new adventure. We drove to Marin, down to Sausalito, and up, up, up to the Marin Headlands. Such pretty views. California is really a beautiful state. Oh! And, it was 70 degrees out.

We went to Hawk Hill which earns its namesake because there are a lot of hawks that migrate there to mate. We saw a few hawks there today!

Marin Headlands was also a military area in WWII. There are a lot of remains of bunkers, pill boxes, gates, and more. 

We walked down this hallway to get out to the path to walk. 

If you think I might have sang, "Climb Every Mountain" from Sound of Music as we looked at the view, you are correct! Follow every rainbowwwwwwww!!!

Beautiful view

Ethan enjoyed the view but he got tired quickly. 

He is completely passed out here. He needed another nap and our walk was cutting into it. 

History of the GGB

You have this guy to thank for naming the Golden Gate Bridge

After our hike, we stopped at Marin Brewing Company for a beer and early bird dinner. Ethan and I shared a Southwestern Chicken Salad. haha. He had some black beans and avocado. We sat next to another family with a 7.5month old so of course, they talked to us. It was pretty funny when the babies were "talking" to each other and touching each other's hands. I wonder what they were saying to one another?? 

FUN day together!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was a short and BUSY one. I also had to go to the dentist cutting one day short. My last dentist was in SF and I finally got one in Berkeley. My new dentist is awesome & so nice. His office is so nice & high tech. I went for a consultation where they take x-rays, check your teeth, etc. The hygienist(definitely had to look up how to spell that word) took x-rays the normal way and then brought me to a stand up x-ray machine. They had this xray thing that orbited my head! I guess it's called panoramic x-ray. It looked like this---

I grind my teeth at night and the dentist told me WHY I grind. He said my teeth are positioned in a cross-bite meaning the top and bottom are a little out of alignment. This means that my teeth grind at night to try to get back into the right position! Whaaaaat!? My last dentist told me it could be from stress! So, this new dentist recommends that I see an orthodontist! I was shocked when he said that because I have never had to have braces or anything. He said that he *thinks* that something like Invisalign might help but he'll leave it to the Ortho. Geeeez. Who knew! So, now I might go see this Ortho so I can stop grinding my teeth!

In other news, Erik is back to playing hockey after his team won the championships last season. He's in SF once a week to play.

Speaking of activities, I'm sure you are all dying to know why I don't mention Junior League anymore. It's because I took a year off from the league. I knew I would have no time to work, take care of Ethan, and go to Jr. League meetings. There are also weekend obligations and to be honest, I don't want to give up any of my time to volunteer at this point. Maybe later in the year or next year I will feel back up to it. 

Ethan had his first taste of prune juice this week. He didn't poop for two days so he had 2oz of diluted juice and it worked immediately! Everyone told us his poop would change when he started eating food and boy ,it sure did! We've seen it as yellow and goopy to now it looks like real poop! Yuck! It stinks like real poop now, too. 

Have you heard of @WomenIRL on Instagram? Real Simple started it and it means Women In Real Life. Everyone posts GOOD stuff on social media which is great - the happy photos, the wins in life, etc. No one posts a lot of the downside stuff that happens in life. WomenIRL was started to keep everyone a little bit grounded on Instagram. Women are encouraged to post photos of their real life - the sink full of dishes, the crying toddler, the messy desk at work. Well, you obviously don't hear about EVERYTHING that happens in our life on the blog. I mean, do you really want to hear about how we have laundry piled up or that we argued over something?

One @WomenIRL moment for me this week was.....I was making Ethan some blended food of avocado and mixed vegetables in the blender. The blender wasn't catching all of the food so rather than add more liquid, I thought that I would just stick a wooden spoon in the blender(while it was on) and push the food on the sides towards the center. Suddenly, the blender grabbed ahold of the spoon, ripping off a piece of the end of it! I quickly stopped the blender and pulled out the wooden spoon. I had to dump the food because there were pieces of wooden spoon in the food! Ahhhhh!

Friday with Ethan

 Happy Friday! Ethan and I spent the day together. Unfortunately, our Nanny was not available today so I worked from home with Ethan. She had this day booked before we knew we would need her for Fridays so it was fine. Another day with Mr. E.Graham is OK in my book.

I mean, he is just beyond cute. He is going to be 7 months old next week!

If you can believe it, Ethan napped from 9am - Noon. I haven't been around for a three hour nap in awhile. It was like he knew I needed to get some work done and just took a long nap! 

When he got up, he spent time in his PNP which we are repurposing as a playpen. It's great because it contains him but he can see out the side. Here is Evie, his guardian, looking over him in the playpen.

Here is how we feed Ethan...with Evie laying near us so she can catch any food he drops. Yesterday, he had mashed up chicken with white beans and avocado. She loooooves chicken!

We took a break mid-day to walk Evie and stopped at the playground. I overheard  a woman say the WEIRDEST thing. This Mom and her two kids got out of the car and parked near the swings. I hear the kids saying to the Mom, "Look, there's a baby!". The Mom responds by saying, "No, that's not a baby. It's a doll. It's that lady's doll in the swing." WTF. I mean, WTF was that woman even saying?! The only thing I could think was, is Ethan that small that she thinks he's a doll? Then, thought maybe the kids would bum rush Ethan because they like babies a lot. Who the heck knows. Crazy people of Berkeley. 

IT was so nice out that Ethan didn't need his hat. It's supposed to be in the 70's all weekend!

More fun in the playpen

Standing on his own and trying to climb up to get the computer

Standing in the crib with a little help from me. Get this - he started to fall backwards, caught himself with one hand, and repositioned himself. Is he really only 7mos old?!

We also went to Target and got EGL a cup with a straw. He loves it! He actually drinks out of it, too, instead of just chewing on it. 

Spent some time playing in his crib....

Let Ethan crawl around the living room before Dad came home. Where did he go? Right in Evie's bed...

Ahhhh. What a nut!

For dinner, he ate an entire packet of food which he fed to himself for 1/2 of it. 

Here he is with his new cup & eating dinner....

Ethan was so happy all day and that makes the day fun. Working from home with him is not really possible so I'll be making up for that later this weekend. But, time spent with him is always a good day!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

California Baby

Mr. EGL loves to eat. He really hasn't turned up his nose at much that we've given him. I did make a mix of green beans, blueberries, and avocao and he literally gagged. However....sometimes babies gag the first time you give them something and if you try again, they like it. So, we'll try again. 
He liked the avocado I gave him the other day. I scooped it out of it's shell onto a spoon for him. Of course, he wanted to touch it and feed himself. I don't think I had an avocado until college and this little California baby is eating it at 6 months. 

Messy boy but he got cleaned up and went to bed afterwards. He slept 730-630am, drank some milk, back to sleep until 730am. It's amazing that he sleeps this much now!! I should add FOR now. If  we've learned anything thus far it is as soon as you get used to something, the baby/routine/likes/dislikes change! He is a good sleeper though. 

He was also chatty chatty chatty yesterday. He was stringing together his own words that sounded like papa baba over and over. So cute. 

Well, this is a short and packed week at work and we are all TIRED. Ready for the weekend despite it feeling like we just had a weekend!?