Saturday, May 21, 2016

Unsure about Evie

A few weeks ago, I think I mentioned that Evie was getting really bad around food meaning getting into the trash and stealing food any chance she could get. She also started to look skinnier so we took her to her Vet, Dr. P, to see if maybe she had a thyroid problem. They took blood and didn't see any thyroid, liver, or kidney issues. What they did see was an increase in White Blood Cell count which means infection of some sort.

We went back again and took MORE blood from her two weeks ago and they ran it again to see what it could be. We knew that one risk was that it could come back as cancer so we were bracing ourselves for that one.

The Vet called last Saturday and said that they got the blood work back and there are no signs of anything but the high WBC and high lymphocytes which usually means...Lymphoma. Lymphoma is cancer of the lymphnodes in both people and dogs. I got off the phone and promptly burst into tears and the tears continued all weekend.

The Vet recommended us to an Oncologist, which Evie's dog walker also recommended, and I made an appointment for Tuesday. Today, we went and sat down with Dr. S who told us she is NOT confirming that Evie has lymphoma. She said the pathology report shows enlarged lymphnodes that are suspicious but does not definitively say that she has it. So, now we are back to figuring out if it is lymphoma or an infection. OY.

They took more blood and are sending out to Colorado for testing. This test should show us 1)does she have lymphoma and 2)what type of lymphoma she has. When I say what type of lymphoma she has, apparently there are two kinds where one is slow moving and one is aggressive.

The craziest thing is that Evie is not showing ANY signs of any illness. She is acting the same, going out with our dog walker, and still eating anything any chance she gets.

So, now we wait to hear back early next week. If it is lymphoma, we will need to start her on some type of meds immediately which could be a chemo pill or just a steroid to keep her comfortable. There is another option of weekly chemo IV at the Vet which will cost up to $8k with no guarantee that she could go into remission. Even if she did go into remission, she could come out of it a week later so that is not an option for us.

If it is NOT lymphoma, we need to then get her joint fluid tested and see if she has some type of tick borne illness and get her on antibiotics. Cross your fingers that this is what we need to do!!! One of our dog walkers went through this same process and turned out her dog had some tick illness and after a long dose of antibiotics, was fine.

If it is Lymphoma, there is a lot for us to consider and we now know all of the options after talking with the Oncology doctor and nurse. The nurse, Laura, was so nice and informative. We all know that Evie is 10 years old and we will have two kids so we really have to consider everyone's quality of life and future. It's all super sad to think about so we're trying not to until we get the call next week.

Evie can be such a pain sometimes but we love her and she is our first baby. She has been through so much from coming from a neglected & abusive home to getting bit in the arm to knee surgery to now this. This is Evie's theme song so hopefully she can keep singing it next week!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

This week has felt sooooo long! TGIF. 

Doe A Deer, a female deer! He has been singing this one lately. See that Green cup? It is a Yoda cup that has a little spot on top for a snack. He loves it. Walgreens $5! He is also eating his oatmeal in this picture. He loves when there are raisins and blueberries in there so he can find them to eat. 

This week, our nanny share kid had a little baseball hat on so of course, Ethan wanted to wear one. He put this hat of Erik's on that was huge. haha.

 Here is a picture of the playground friends at the park. APparently, Ethan is the leader of the pack. He went and sat in this area and all of the kids followed him. 
 For maternity leave, we found a family to take over our share 2 days a week which will start mid-June. However, they needed someone to watch their son now as their nanny/share moved to a new town. So, for the next few weeks, we will have THREE kids at our house on Monday & Tuesday. We had the first week of that this week and it worked out fine. The new little boy is 18 mos so he fits in perfectly. We have the spare room and a pack and play for him so it all worked out. Then, starting mid-June, I will have Ethan solo on M/Tues. I am already thinking of what we can do together before BGL arrives! 
Lounging in the leaves

Eating blueberries from the tree. PLease note he is wearing size 12 month shorts. My mom bought him 2T which we exchanged for 18 mos. The 18 mos fell off of him! So he is 2T on top and 12 or 18 mos on the bottom, depending on the brand.

Just reading one morning while I made his breakfast. The first words out of his mouth in the morning are "read a book?" He has also gotten good at telling me "i went poop" so that is nice. 

Surfing boy

I am 32 weeks pregnant and am feeling like I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Thank GOD, I only have three works of work left. I don't know what I would do if I had to work until mid July. BY 3pm every day, I am so achey from sitting too much but then if I stand, the same thing happens from standing too long. Even the waddle to the parking garage is getting to be a pain. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunny Day & Ice Cream Thief

Happy Sunday! 

We went back to the Log Cabin for breakfast.  Ethan chowed down on a scone while we waited for our seat. We had a yummy breakfast and then headed home to hang out in the sun. It was so nice out. 

Evie lounged in the sun

Ethan made sure to check in on Evie and cuddle with her. 

We played outside with the new basketball hoop until it was time for lunch & nap. 

When Ethan went to nap, my friend Kelsey and I went to visit Kira and her new baby. I met little Smith six weeks ago when he was just 3lbs and now he is 6.5lbs! I made them some dinner and brought a loaf of sourdough bread to accompany the dinner. Well, Ethan saw the bread in the bag and was asking for some so I cut him off a piece. Good thing Kira and I are close friends so that she didn't care I brought bread with 1/4 of the loaf gone. haha

After dinner, we went downtown for ice cream. Ethan loved using a little stick to eat tastes off of both of our cones. Look at him with his little tongue. haha

 Then, he stole the cone. Good thing he is so cute. 

He was so dirty when we got home. He had a blue ear because he stuck a marker in there. He had boogers stuck to his nose(which he figured out how to pick off AND EAT), and then snot/ice cream all over his face. #toddlerlife

We must have said at least 10x this weekend "don't eat your boogers or we don't eat our boogers" to which he just smiled and laughed. haha

Basketball Hoop and Bali Music

On Friday, Ethan received an early birthday present from my parents...a basketball hoop! He really loves it. Erik taught him to say "Jordan!" before he shoots. hahaha. Jordan retired like 20 years ago so know one will know who he is talking about on the playground. haha

He is also now asking to go "shoot some hoops" and saying "slam dunk" haha

On Saturday morning, Ethan helped Erik make pancakes....

We went to swimming where Ethan was literally doing cannonballs into the pool. Some days he doesn't want to jump in but Saturday, he was going hog wild. We stopped at the Farmer's Market for plums, peaches, and snap peas. Ethan chowed down. 

Fruit Face

We heard some unique music coming from the park and stopped to watch. We heard that it was music from Bali but we just watched them warm up so we never got to hear any official word on that. It was fun to listen to and the performers looked like they were having a blast. 

We played outside at the little playground and then headed home for lunch. 

Erik went surfing in the afternoon and we ended up staying home for dinner. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

On Monday, Ethan came down with ANOTHER cold - runny nose and cough. He still slept OK though which was good for us.

Ethan is doing a lot of singing these days. He can now sing ABCs (missing a few letters), Twinkle Twinkle, and Rock A Bye Baby. He will also sing the phrase "Uptown Funk you up" and started singing Do A Deer to me the other day. Can you believe he will be 2 in about 6 weeks?

We are gearing up for a trip back to CT for Kimmy's wedding where we will have an early birthday party for him with family at home. This year, it is Construction themed.

Every morning, Ethan takes Jaime and Laura's "Save the Date" card down and points out who everyone is. He even knows their dogs names. Too funny.

Here's Ethan driving around on his own. haha!

I got so annoyed this week with the multiple comments I received from people that I DO NOT KNOW. Why do people feel like they can comment on a pregnant woman's body? It is beyond irritating. Multiple people said to me "You look like you're ready to have that baby!" to which I respond "Nope, two months to go" while NOT smiling. The next time someone says something to me, I'm going to have to give them an etiquette lesson and tell them its not nice to say.

Anyway, I feel fine but I have that antsy feeling at night and cannot sit on the couch to watch TV. I remember this from last time, too. Around 9pm, I just cannot get comfortable and the only thing that works is laying in bed on soft sheets. Thank goodness for TV apps so I can watch Girls in bed.

Friday morning, cuddling together

Playing guitar or....just dropping the pick in the hole, you decide. 

Weekend + Mother's Day

Last Saturday, Erik took Ethan to swimming and Kimmy and I went out. We went over to Alameda to Carter's. My Mom bought Ethan some summer clothes but the size 2T shorts were too big so we exchanged them. We picked up some things for BGL, too. We came home for lunch and lounged during nap time. For dinner, we went out to Farm Burger for burgers. That is the place with the kids play area so Ethan loves going there. There were some bratty kids there who brought their own toys into the area and were not into sharing their stuff. Ummmm, then don't bring your own crap out where other kids can touch it! Sheesh!

We took zero photos on Saturday.Sorry about that.

On Sunday, my Mother's Day gift was that Ethan did not wake up until 9am. SO late for him! Kimmy and I just lounged in the morning and then, we went out to breakfast at Sam's Log Cabin. It was a loonnnng wait but thankfully, they have an outdoor area where Ethan could play. He mixed right in with other kids. He loves to follow older kids around and was doing just that.

Finally, we ate and headed home but not for long because Kimmy and I then went out for mani pedi's. Yes! Thank you, Erik!

I think that was also the day Ethan did not want to take a nap(probably because he woke up so late). So when we got home, he got up and was ready to go. He played outside for awhile and we had an early dinner before Kimmy left. 

For dinner, we had chicken and baked potatoes. Here is Ethan sticking the spoon right into the sour cream container and eating it straight. hah!

 Almost two and still fits in his bumbo seat from when he was 4 mos old. He can thank his skinny butt and legs for that one!

We said good night to Titi and she left for her flight home. Sad to see her go but we will see her in a few weeks for her WEDDING!!! So happy she came to see us. 

Habitot and Kimmy Arrives!

Last Friday, I worked from home in the morning and the Nanny came by to take care of Ethan. We were anxiously awaiting Kimmy's arrival in the afternoon! Since the nanny was  going to be with us for a half day(and then go to the other kids house), the other kid stayed home in the AM. This meant that Ethan got to go somewhere fun and they went to Habitot

He came home with war paint on his face. Turns out there was some activity there that you dip crayons in water and draw or something. They saw a 3 year old girl they know from the park and she asked Ethan to face paint her so he did. Then, she returned the favor. haha! 

Remember when I took him to Habitot when he was just 9 months old?

Kimmy arrived around 1 and saw Ethan before his nap. We worked and chatted while he slept. When Erik came home, we went for pizza at Little Star and finished things off with FroYo.