Friday, August 26, 2016

Gilmore Girls & Dad Arrives

Wednesday began with Kimmy texing me about a GILMORE GIRLS FANFEST taking place...
In CT...
when we are home in October. 

Is that kismet or what?! 

We jumped on it and bought tickets. Oh, we paid $180 per ticket but I don't care. It's three days of Gilmore Girls where we may get to meet some actors. We will be giddy kids on Christmas morning. 

We already looked into what shirts we will get from Etsy. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!

After that morning excitement, Ethan went out with his Nanny for the morning and when he returned, Grandpa was here! He was able to see him before his nap which was great. 

Harper was crying but Grandpa calmed her down and she passed out. She is definitely fussy this week. She is awake for minimal time during the day and when she is, half of it she is pissed. She is crying/screaming, wants to be jiggled or bounced, or just seems plain uncomfortable/unhappy. We don't know what is bothering her and it's sad/making us crazy. 

Is it gas? Is it a sensitive digestive system? Is it a case of colic? Not sure. Where is the start up that will allow you to scan your baby and know exactly what is wrong?!

A beautiful sight

BOTH  kids napped in the afternoon so my Dad and I watched Gilmore Girls. haha. It was in honor of the Fan Fest. Ethan and I also danced around singing "Gilmore Girls Festival". haha Can't wait. 

We had dinner and then it was bed time before we knew it!

Our sweet girl...

She is actually pretty calm before we start bed time. She likes to just lay on the bed and coo and kick her legs...

What A Day

Well, Monday night, we were up with Ethan because he didn't feel well. I think we were up from 4-5am and then Harper woke up so we were ALL up. Erik had also been at hockey so he didn't really sleep all night. However, he pulled it together in the morning though and made us belgian waffles. He is killing it with the breakfasts!

Doesn't look that great but it is waffle with strawberries and homemade whip cream

My Mom came by in the morning and then hopped in an Uber for the airport around 10:30. 

Thankfully, Erik stayed home that day. Harper got a stuffy nose too so she wasn't feeling good AND Ethan still was sick. 

Lucky me got puked on TWICE. Once, Ethan ate a plum then coughed so much he puked all over the kitchen and me. Then, Harper drank a lot of milk and she puked on me, too. 

Ahhhhhhh. Thankfully in the afternoon, everyone slept including Erik. I got to just relax and my friend Priscilla called me so it was a nice break. 

What a day. Guys - This two kid thing is NOT easy!!!

Fingerpaint and Stroller Attachments

Harper is so calm in the morning...she will just chill out in her seat and look around. She is ready to go back to bed about an hour after she wakes up, too. Living the cozy life in this pink blankie. I got this blanket at TJ Maxx and it's so soft. I love the blankets there and they are a great price at $8!

Harper napped forever on Monday so we were just home with Ethan. I set him up with some finger paints and he made some lovely artwork. 

I also tried to get the carseat attachment onto the stroller and it took me forever, when it should've taken me 2 minutes. I watched a video on YouTube on how to put it on and it looked so simple. Yet, when I tried it, I couldn't figure it out. Finally on the 10th time of watching the video, I got it. When I got this thing on, I felt like Superwoman. haha

Ethan climbed right in! Now, I can push the two of them around. 

Ethan started to come down with a cold and was coughing like a MoFo. When he got up from nap, he was just not feeling it. I set him up to watch trucks driving around on YT. He was a sniffly mess. Yuck.

While Ethan napped, I ran to Costco with Harper while my Mom stayed with Ethan. When I got home, she was crying! Oy. 

We had dinner (thank you Costco roasted chickens) and Grandma read more books to Ethan.  

Aquatic Park & Rustic Tavern

On Sunday, we went over to a playground in Aquatic Park in Berkeley. Erik and Ethan ran around and I had Harper in the carrier. She was fussy so we sat in the car and she nursed for awhile. Then, we headed home. So, I felt like I didn't really get to play at the playground with Ethan. I know the newborn phase does not last forever but it hard to not be able to do everything with Ethan right now. However, I also enjoy my alone time with Harper so I would say this stage is a mix of emotions all of the time!

We tried to go out to dinner on Sunday to a place we like in Lafayette called Rustic Tavern. BOTH kids slept from 2-5pm so when they got up, I fed HGL and we left. Well, she cried in the car all the way and when we got to the restaurant, she didn't want to sit in her carseat. When we took her out, she cried. We passed her around to one another and she still cried. I put her in the baby carrier and she still cried. 

Holding Harper's hand on the ride to the restaurant...she cried 80% of the trip. :-(

I ordered this lovely salmon dish that I did not eat at the restaurant because I was outside walking HGL around. I did manage to glug down a glass of white wine and have some salad and brussels
sprouts prior to dinner arriving!

After Ethan ate his dinner, he didn't want to sit still either so Erik had him outside and my poor Mom was at dinner alone. She started chatting with the lady at the table next to her who was empathetic to our situation. 

This was a hard reminds us that we can't just do normal stuff right now and that our lives are different. I know it seems ridiculous to get upset that we couldn't go out to dinner but it was hard. I didn't understand this prior to having kids. People with kids would complain about stuff like this and I thought "Well, you wanted the kids so don't complain!" It's true, we love having our kids but it's little things like this that sting and are something to get over. We know that they won't be babies or kids forever and that we have the rest of our lives to go out to dinner. I know in a week I'll look back and say "oh who cares that we didn't have a nice dinner." but in the moment, it's hard to deal with. 

Erik did get to eat his dinner at the restaurant (with Ethan on his lap) and I did eventually eat my dinner at home, at 9:15pm and it was good so that is the silver lining on that one!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Harper: One Month

Harper Grace: ONE MONTH

Harper Grace is already one month old! 
We are enjoying getting to know her and see her grow. Now that she is not upset after eating, she can relax a little more which is nice. She is staying awake a little longer each day, too. 

Eats: Breastmilk

Sleeps: One 4-5 hour stretch, wakes up for milk then back to sleep for a 3 hour stretch, then back to sleep for a little while longer before she wakes up for the day

Takes long naps anywhere right now - in your arms, the swing...

Likes: To be held, the Ergo carrier, car rides on the highway

Dislikes: Gas, having to burp or toot!
Stop & Go car rides

She is officially out of her newborn clothes. We realized she couldn't straighten her legs in her onesie pajamas one day and then next day, she could barely fit in a newborn onesie. That was fast! Onto 0-3 clothes!

Family Saturday

Saturday started with swimming and the playground. Erik took Ethan to swimming while I got Harper ready. They hit up the Farmer's Market and I stopped by the UPS store. We reconvened at the playground for a little while. We headed home for lunch and nap. 

During nap, my Mom and I went over to Alameda shops. We had takeout from a restaurant up the street which is the easiest way for us to go out to eat lately. For dessert, Erik made us homemade strawberry shortcake. He made the biscuits and the whipped cream on top!

Ethan started to get a cold on Saturday...runny nose and just not feeling that great. 

Here are some pics of  Grandma and the kids:
Ethan giving Grandma a massage

Harper holding her head up high. She wants to stand up on her own already. 

Ethan walking around in Grandma's shoes

He asked Grandma to read him his new book that he got from his cousins in MA
Of course, he liked pointing out the Peg Leg in the book!

Lindsay Wildlife & a Lawnmower Nap

Happy Friday from Harper G! She is smiling for real now and it's super cute. 

Harper, Do you want to hold my garbage can?

On Friday, we went out to Walnut Creek and went to Lindsay Wildlife Museum. It was their "Free Friday" so we took advantage of that. The museum is cute but it's small and we were in there for 30 min last time so this was a great time to return. 

First, we sat outside and watched a demo with two owls!

Harper G woke up so I got her into the Ergo and bounced her around while Grandma held Ethan for the owl watching. 

We went inside to look at the rats, iguanas, and snakes

Looking in a giant microscope at feathers

There is a tunnel for kids inside and there are little animals that they can look at in there. 

Trying to get a photo...not so easy. haha! He was also wanting to RUN around this museum. Exhausting. 

In the bird nest

This was a cool thing where you could lay down and experience flying like a bird through the trees. 

We stopped at WHole Foods for the hot bar lunch and then raced home for nap. Well, guess who did not want to nap. He didn't poop before nap which always puts us at risk for it happening DURING nap which is what happened. Plus, he somehow grabbed his lawnmower and pulled it INTO the crib. I don't know how he did that one but after that, there was no napping. Oyyyyyyyy. 

Harper was asleep and I was tired so I brought him to the park where the Nanny was for an hour to tire him out further. Then, Erik came home with pizza for us!!

Friday night was a little chaotic because Ethan was tired and going wild. He also is hitting. This started when HGL came home. I was trying to feed Harper and he came over and bopped me on the head. He laughed and laughed and it's of course, not funny. He's been doing it to all of us so we think it's for attention and we are trying to get a handle on it but it's hard.

We were all happy to go to bed that night!