Friday, April 29, 2016

Ethan: 22 Months

22 Months
Our bouncing baby boy is two months away from turning 2!!!!!

Eating - Still loving food one day and not the next. Will eat a ton of breakfast, lunch, and then very little dinner some days. Or pick the meals and mix up that order. I read that kids will self regulate when it comes to food so I tried to stop getting so frustrated when he didn't want to eat. I stopped rushing to make him dinner after work which also makes me less frustrated about the food thing

Sleeping - We are BACK to easy bedtime and sleeping all night. Two weeks of craziness a few weeks ago and it's all over. Thank God. Don't worry...something will come up soon enough that we will deal with. 

Playing - Still loving trains, trucks, and cars. 

<Watching the diggers on You Tube>

Talking - Getting better every day. Says short sentences often. Things like:
Papa's Here
I hear it!
Look at Ethan!
Swing you, Papa
Hold you, Mama
More apple please
Read please
Drive in the car
Love you, Mama (Papa, Evie, fill in the blank name)

We also ask him about his day and he answers questions!

He is also exerting his independence by saying No a thousand times or saying "no pants!" when getting dressed. He continues to be very loving and cuddly. Loves to be held and snuggled and loves to hold his stuffed animals and give them a kiss.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Look who turned 22 months this week. This is Ethan just sitting on the counter eating lots of oatmeal AND asking me for more. Told you some days he shovels the food in. He is doing really well with the spoon and fork, as well as drinking from a cup with no top!

Help me Obi Wan!

Ethan loves to be cuddled in a blanket. I ask him if he is "cozy wozy" and he says yes. So funny. 

This week, Ethan got new shoes. He promptly took them out of the box and then carried the boxes around. He was pretending to be a Mailman. He would come into the living room and say Hi! When we asked him what he was delivering, he said food! He would open the shoe box and pretend to eat. haha

Here's a long video of Ethan just jumping around and getting some energy out....

 Loving on Papa. This week, he was Papa's shadow which is super cute. 

On Wednesday, Erik text me and asked if we wanted to go out for dinner and I said YES. We went down to Eureka for burgers. Ethan was SO well behaved. He colored the sheet they gave him and ate some food. Here he is chomping on a giant onion ring. 

On Thursday, Ethan got bit by the nanny share kid AGAIN. The nanny said he tried to grab a truck from him and he went to bite. She apparently put her hand out to his face to stop him and he whipped his head around and chomped on his arm. When I got home, that was the first thing Ethan told me. "Mama, Hurt. Bite Arm!" ughhhhhhh. 

We had dinner and then went out for an ice cream. Ethan and I shared a cone of coconut seven layer bar ice cream from Ben & Jerrys. Yum. 

Evie is still not 100%. She was on bland diet all week. We are going to the Vet again tomorrow :-(

We made a baby registry on Amazon to get any items we need all in one place and plus for upcoming baby showers. We are having one at work and my friends are giving me a little baby Sprinkle. My friend Nicole suggested the Sprinkle just be me and a karaoke machine singing for everyone which of course I loved. haha. I think it will be super casual get together at my friend Sarah's place which will be fun. 

I only have about six weeks of work left before I start maternity leave. How crazy is that!!!?? 
Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoes
How cute are these shoes?? Plaid sneakers! Yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chilled out Sunday & Evie's Sick

On Sunday, we had breakfast at the Grandparents hotel and then went to gymnastics. We are really starting to think about cancelling gymnastics. Like I've said, the kids closer to 3 years old seem to follow and enjoy the class best. Ethan is just too young to do a 45 minute class and multiple obstacle course. Gymnastics is expensive and if he is going to spend half the time climbing on the slide or laying on the floor, well we can go to the playground for free.

Evie did not feel well all weekend. She came home from her walk on Thursday and puked. She puked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, too. We put her on chicken and rice and she seems to feel better. We are going back to the Vet on Friday for more blood work so we'll talk about this, too...Her dog walker asked if maybe she has IBS. Oy!

When he got up from his nap, Ethan cuddled with Evie....

Poor girl...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cal Academy & Gardening Day

On Saturday, we decided to skip swimming and went to Cal Academy again. Our membership is expiring in June and we had two free guest passes so we wanted to make the most of it. 
Stopping to see T-Rex

 This was our best visit yet with Ethan. He's been going here since he was 1 and every time we go, it's a different trip. He was running around to the tanks and saying "Fishy!"

Petting the Starfish

Giving the turtle a hug

Checking out the zebras

Saying hello to Mr. Penguin

Taking a break...Hmmmm time for us to go. 

We ran around outside for a few minutes before leaving. 

Happy to ride baby bear with Papa

When we got home, we had lunch and Ethan took a nap for FOUR hours. Erik and his parents went out to the garden shop and stopped for a beer. Damn, I miss stopping for a beer. Few more months to go. 

When he got up, he "helped" garden with Grandma and Erik. 

He loved these little pots. He was talking and moving the pots around. 

He dutifully carried the pots over to go into the bigger pots. Then, he got into the pots with dirt and water. 

Here we go. He started scooping dirt from the bag into the pots then dumped it into his water table. Basically, there was dirt and water everywhere. 

By the end of the day, it was time for bed. Ethan was saying "Noooooooooooo" about 1,000 times. He was being such a Bratty Patty whenever I tried to change his diaper or his clothes. Toddlers are seriously like Sour Patch Kids. One minute he is kicking me while I try to diaper him and the next, he is hanging on me saying "Mama, hold you!!!"

Friday, April 22, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Monday morning. 
Erik went surfing in the morning and I was home with Ethan. I went down the hall and he comes running down saying "uh oh!" and he hands me a chapstick that is now covered in dirt. I asked him what happened and when I went to the living room, saw the potted plant dirt on the floor. Looks like he scooped out a bunch of dirt and then rubbed the chapstick in it!

In order to manage my stress level at work (and life), this is my new motto. 

Seriously, it helps. 

Wouldn't it be funny to say this in a meeting? Bahahaha

On Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa Luna arrived for a weekend visit!

Our Nanny Share kid was sick for two days so Ethan got Angelica to himself. He now calls her "Hellica" haha. On Thursday she took him to Studio Grow and for a nice lunch at Whole Foods. haha. 
Look at these shoes Ethan pulled out of the donation bag we had by the door. haha

Strolling around

On Thursday, we got a new rug for the living room. Evie came home from her walk and promptly barfed on the rug. Lovely. 

Kimmy sent me this beyond funny video of olympic events but with fart sounds added. I was dying laughing. 

I'm a few years late but finally starting to watch GIRLS. Two episodes in, it is risque and the girls are out of my age range but it's pretty funny. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Relaxing Sunday

Sunday morning, Erik went surfing so it was just EGL and I for breakfast. We shared breakfast with Digger including Digger scooping up pieces of french toast.

Hmmmm yes, that side glare was passed down from me to him. haha

We went to gymnastics and Ethan did a bit better in this class. He listened better and only ran off a few times. After gymnastics, we just hung around at home. It was hot and sunny out again. We thought of going to the beach but one adventure per weekend is enough for us. We just sat outside and watched him play with the his water table. He also knows how to work the hose now so he watered the plants for us. haha

He practiced his flips on the couch all weekend. 

He DID take a nap on Sunday and hallelujah because I took one, too. I was passed out on the couch and woke up at 4pm. Another glorious nap.

When I woke up, I went to visit Kira and her new baby, Smith, at the hospital. Remember a week ago, we went out for tacos and I said she was due 5/2? Well, turns out she was having some high blood pressure issues and was going for regular stress tests. When she went the day after we had dinner, her BP was so high that they admitted her and delivered the baby that day! He is only 3lb 14 oz but he is gaining weight and eating well. Yay! He will be in the NICU for about two more weeks and then he gets to go home!

I am also 27 weeks pregnant now. Baby is about 2lbs and 14" long. I feel her move around a lot but don't feel hiccups yet. I remember Ethan had them a lot! This week, I have to go for my glucose test. Yuck. You have to get a lot of blood drawn, drink some syrupy orange stuff, get more blood drawn. Last time I did this, I didn't feel that well after and it's also SO boring to wait around for all of this to happen. My last day at work will be June 16th. Woohoo!