Saturday, September 24, 2016

Errands, Haircuts, and Wine Making

Hello, Pretty Girl!

Saturday morning was pretty relaxed and Harper actually took a <short> nap in her crib. She was up for about a little while so I put BOTH kids in the stroller and we walked. 

We went around to do some errands like the bank, the Juice place, the hardware store, pick up dry cleaning, and get Ethan a haircut. 

We don't have a regular spot for him yet so I just walked down University Ave where I knew there was a salon or two. We stopped into "Jenny's Salon" where an older woman, with purple hair, cut his hair. She gave him a lollipop and I put on a garbage truck video so she could quickly snip without him fussing. She cut quickly and he did a good job of sitting. He will NOT let anyone use the electric razor on him for the back of his neck. 

This salon was wacky. There were pictures and paintings of famous people all over the place. We are talking everyone from Che Guevera to Angelina Jolie. 

Oh wait, there is a cutout of Barack Obama back there. So weird. 

Eager to get out of there and go home

While we were out and about, Erik was home making his wine. Remember he has 500lb of Zin grapes that were sitting in the laundry room??

He rented the crusher to crush all of the wine

Little helper wanted to play in all of the grapes

Leftover grape skins

Now the wine will sit in other containers for awhile before it gets bottled. 

After lunch, both kids went down for a nap and....


You read that right. They were both passed out from about 1:30-4:30
While they were out, we watched JAWS and I shopped online for dresses to wear to the two weddings we have in October. 

Working on her exercises

We got pizza for dinner and everyone was back asleep by 830pm. 

Successful day!

Harper: 2 Months

Harper is already two months old! She is really such a sweet girl. She is super smiley to us and loves when we are close to her. She loves her brother already and watches him around the room. 

She loves to be held but also loves to lay on her own. She will sit in her "jungle seat" or lay on the ottoman to watch everything going on around her. 

Sleeps great at night and we are working on naps. She seems to prefer one giant nap such as 9am - 1pm or 1pm - 4pm rather than a few throughout the day. We'll get there...

Likes getting a bath

Doesn't mind getting her diaper or clothes changed

Doesn't mind tummy time and likes to push herself up into a little pushup...she is so strong and determined!

She is growing and changing everyday. We are all bonding with her and also, as a family. Ethan will go over to talk to her or touch her which is cute. There are still moments of "no baby sister" but we trying to make sure the attention is spread around. 

We are understanding her cues more to know what she needs and dislikes. 

We still can't believe Harper is ours! She is so adorable and sweet and perfect!

Eventful Friday Morning & Baby Friends

Friday was another Nanny day so Harper and I hung out in the AM while Ethan went out to the park.

In the morning, Erik played guitar  and she stared at him adoringly  

Has anyone seen my swim cap? haha. Erik found his swim cap and of course, EGL had to try it on. 

Harper wouldn't sleep in the morning so I packed her up to go to Costco so she could possibly nap on the go. She fell asleep in the car and in the cart so we had a successful shop. 

Look at the gas tank when we pulled into Costco. Just made it. hahaha

Little Harper thinking she is a big girl. She now wants you to pull her hands so she can sit up and also stand up!

 When we got home from Costco, this happened....

I took a picture to show Erik. The night before, we broke a glass and put the glass in the trash. I took the trash out when we got home & didn't see a piece sticking out. It sliced me through my jeans! Of course, Harper woke up while I was coming in. I ended up sitting there nursing her while holding a washcloth on my leg. I am getting quite skilled in nursing her while an emergency is going on(remember the bee incident in Tahoe!?)

So determined. She kicks her arms and legs to reach this birdie!

When Ethan came home for his nap, I put Harper down for a nap then left the house. I used a Spafinder gift card that I had received as a maternity gift for a 90 MINUTE MASSAGE. Oh Yeah. It was AMAZING. This is also a great gift for Moms-To-Be...

When I got home, I expected to hear that Harper had not slept but she was asleep! She slept from 1:30-5:30. WHOA. She has the same afternoon sleep capability as Ethan. He didn't wake up until 5pm either!

For dinner, our friend Kira came over with her baby, Smith. Smith is 5 mos old. 

Harper and Smith. He was reaching his hands out to touch her. 

Ethan getting in the picture and giving us a "smile"

Just flossing his teeth

We had spaghetti for dinner and TJ brownie bites with vanilla ice cream for dessert. DELISH. 

On Friday night, Harper went to bed by 8pm and slept until 430am. Amazing for a 9 week old!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

No Nap Nancy & Haircuts

Ethan went to school on Tuesday. I gave the Director a heads up that he had a cold but was past the worst part since he napped like crazy and was eating big meals. She said to bring him and if he wasn't feeling well, they would call me. They didn't call me and when I picked him up, he was fine. When I asked how school was, he said, "Sharmila(one of his teachers) told me No picking the flowers in the garden" so I guess that was his standout learning of the day. haha

This girl napped all morning from about 9-12. I had to wake her up to get Ethan and she was stretching and happy. 

She is also grabbing for things now which is cool to see!

Loves this elephant and bird on her "jungle seat"

After her long nap, HG didn't want to nap in the afternoon. OY. Putting her down only for her cry one minute late is so frustrating and I have to remind myself that a)she has a stuffy nose b)she is just a little baby. 

On Wednesday, it was a Nanny Day so Ethan went out to the library and park on Wednesday. Harper did NOT want to nap. It was a morning of feeding/rocking and putting her down only for her to cry 4 minutes later. I put her in the stroller and we walked around for an hour. 
At least she got a little nap

We saw this funny sign, which is legit, on our walk. Seriously, this guy is running for mayor. 

Saw this cute art on the side of a building

Had lunch at home and thought HG went to sleep around 1pm. She was asleep still at 1:30 when I left to get my haircut...however, when I got home the Nanny said she wouldn't sleep. Would fall asleep and wake up immediately in bed. 

smiling away at us when she should be napping. what 9 week old baby doesn't nap for a whole day!?

Definitely found her hands and is sucking on them a lot. Since she still will not take a pacifier, I'm glad she found something to suck on!

Haircut. It doesn't look that short but it feels short. I have a TON of hair and its like double that now because I have lost no pregnancy hair. Felt so good to get it cut. 

I put Harper in the ERGO around 5 or 530pm and she passed right out until 830pm. I ended up feeding her and putting her to bed for the night at 9pm. She slept all the way until 530am so that means she was exhausted! I hope she is feeling better soon. 

In other baby news, my good friend Sarah had her baby...little Ellie Rose. So cute. 

Little shaving cream monster

Speaking of haircuts, Ethan needs one big time!

If you want a laugh, follow this account on Insta. I die laughing every day over their posts. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sick Day at Home

On Monday, we kept Ethan out of the nanny share because of his runny/stuffy nose. 
Harper slept the morning away so Ethan and I played. 
Played with trucks and garbage trucks

Played basketball outside. It was HOT out. Ethan was even saying "It's too sunny over here"

Evie enjoyed the sun but she was panting like crazy

Just getting some work done...

Love getting to spend alone time with Ethan and Harper. I like hanging out with him and not having to tell him that I have to do something for her and I like quiet time with her where I can focus on her without fending off Ethan. Of course, when we are all together it is great too albeit a little rowdy!

We woke Harper up around 11:30 so that we could go to the grocery store to get lunch and stuff for dinner. Ethan wore his vest to the store AND we saw some Firemen there. Like we learned when we visited the Fire House, they shop for stuff for the firehouse kitchen rather than order takeout for meals. They didn't have gear on but they were wearing their radios. 

Looking sick :-(

We stopped at the Starbucks in Safeway and got an iced coffee for me and a little milk with ice for Ethan which Ethan made sure we said "Cheers" with our drinks.  A fireman was waiting in line so I pointed him out and said hello as we walked by. Ethan pointed to his milk and said, "This is my iced coffee!" haha The fireman said we can stop by anytime to see the trucks. 

We had a moment of two of both kids crying. Harper was hungry or tired and so was Ethan. Plus when he doesn't feel well, he wants to hang onto me. We all squeezed into Harper's rocking recliner to feed her and cuddle Ethan. 

We went home for lunch and nap. Ethan took a LONG nap. I let him sleep since I know he wasn't feeling well and he woke up when Erik got home from work. 

This girl didn't really want to sleep in the afternoon but she was fairly happy. Sadly, she started to get a stuffy nose, too. :-(

I did get dinner made while they had a brief overlap of napping together. I have to say when both are napping and dinner gets made, I do feel superhuman. haha 
Evie lamped out on the floor. It was so hot --- we had fans going and it was in the 80s outside. This is our "summer" when the rest of the country starts to turn to Fall. 

A Long Nap & Strawberry Creek

Look who is already 2 Months old!

On Sunday, we talked about what we wanted to do for the day but then Harper ended up sleeping from about 9am - Noon so we we just stayed home. 

Harper was happy when she woke up though!

I don't think Ethan napped on Sunday AND he started showing signs of a cold...AGAIN. Weren't we just here like 3 weeks ago? I'm sure someone had it at school and so he got it. Runny/Stuffy nose...

I took advantage of Harper taking a nap in the afternoon and Ethan not napping to take a walk with him. It was HOT out so it was a little workout for me and he got a nice ride in the stroller. We stopped at Strawberry Creek Park for him to play. 

Hanging on the rings. He also went on the little zip line there. 

He got IN the stream and was tossing rocks

Of course, I had to manhandle him to get him back into the stroller to go home. 

Both kids were ready for bed early. I think at 6pm, Ethan said "I need to go to sleep" and Harper was wailing at 6:30 for bed. But wouldn't you know, it took almost 2 hours to get Harper to actually be asleep. Ughhhhh. The nights where it seems like it will go easy, are the hard ones!