Friday, March 27, 2015

Ethan: 9 Months

Ethan: 9 Months

Ethan is 9 months old today! HOW is this possible!? I think I will be asking myself this for the rest of my life! Our little baby is looking and acting more like a little boy every day. He is talking more, moving all around, walking in his crib, and still having a lot of fun doing it all. 

Soft pants
Eating mostly everything he's offered

Pulling grass
Emptying his toy bin
Being outside
Going on walks
Swimming (we think!)
Bath time - He splashes around now!
His favorite book is "Where's Boo?" It's a hide and seek book to find Boo, the cat.

He also loves songs or games where you say/do something, have a long pause where he has to wait for you to do something. For example, in swim class, we sing this song about being a piece of popcorn and waiting for the popcorn to pop. The instructor sings, "I'm a piece of popcorn, put me in the pan. Shake me, shake me, as fast as you can. And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, willlllllllllllllllll....." then he pauses and looks around and Ethan laughs. He's anticipating the instructor saying "Pop!". It's pretty funny and you can do it with other songs or even while just talking to Ethan.

Ethan also laughs and laughs when you push him. Yes. He could be sitting in his high chair and if you take just one finger and push his shoulder, he dies laughing. So strange. haha

Green Beans
Mashed Potatoes (he likes sweet potatoes though)
Diaper changes...or the act of having to lay down on the changing table for 5 whole minutes

It's really funny when he eats something he doesn't like. He makes this face and literally gags. haha

Ethan does the cutest thing sometimes. If you face him and lean towards him, he leans in and rests his head against yours. It's like his way of giving you a hug.

Blowing Bubbles

Picking him up is still the best part of my day and I love our Fridays together. He also has a special relationship with his Dad which is great. They have a lot of fun together and it is so cute to see EGL hold his little arms out for Daddy to pick him up. 

I am already planning Ethan's first birthday. It makes me realize he won't be a baby for much longer, but was he ever? Well, he'll always be my baby but you know what I mean. Lately, when I am putting him to bed, I find myself holding him a little longer and just watching him sleep. I thought the big time emotions went away after a few months post partum but when I'm staring at him, I sometimes feel very full with emotion for him. Happy to have him, blessed to have such an amazing baby, sad he's growing so fast....all rolled into one. So, I hold him for a few more minutes to soak it all in.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Trouble with the Zoo

I am wrestling with a big personal values dilemma right now. My coworker, who is out on maternity leave, asked if Ethan and I want to meet up with her and her baby on the ZOO. 

I personally am against the circus, Sea World, and zoos. and even wrote to my CA senators asking them to not allow the circus to come to CA anymore! I'm more on the fence about zoos whereas I am dead set against going to the circus or Sea World. The fact that the circus takes elephants into confined areas and forces them to learn tricks is just terrible. They have banned the bull hook from being used in some states but you can't really believe that Ringling Bros. abides by that rule. Elephants are made to ride in cramped cars to get to other cities for the circus. They are really intelligent and this is robbing them of life. I'm thrilled that the Ringling Bros are retiring all elephants by 2018(ummm how about 2015 instead!?).

As for Sea World, I feel the same way about the whales as I do the elephants. They don't belong in a tiny tank when they are supposed to be in the big, wide ocean. They killed the trainer(s) a few years back probably because being the tank was making them go crazy. I haven't seen Blackfish because I would probably be too upset to watch it but it is essentially saying that whales shouldn't be in tanks!

Now, how about the zoo?? Well, on one hand, I feel the same way that animals shouldn't be taken from the wild and caged up. On the other hand, I wonder if we are saving the animals in some way if they aren't in the wild. Take elephants for example. There is a staggering number that 35,000 elephants are killed annually for their ivory tusks. If we keep 35,000 in zoos, are we saving them and giving them a better life? Are they having a better life if they can't roam free but are free from being killed? I don't know.

Zoos also supposedly do a lot for conservation and research about animal behavior, etc. While it's exciting for people to get to see these animals that they wouldn't normally see unless they travel to Africa, is it right?

Ahhhh I don't know. So, we're going. I will feel bad about the entire time we're there but maybe Ethan will have fun seeing some animals. And hopefully the entrance fee will go to keeping the animals safe, fed, and somewhat happy.

What would you do? Go to the zoo or find something else to do together? 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wandering Wednesday

Be Awesome Today 8x10 Art Print - Motivational Uplifting inspirational

Evie On Friday, we went to the Vet for Evie's limp. I was expecting to have to get her sedated and get x-rays but it was much less dramatic than I anticipated. The Vet watched her walk and determined that it was her front leg that was giving her an issue. After feeling around, she realized it is a soft tissue issue which means a pulled tendon/ligament. Unfortunately, you can't just hop in the MRI machine and figure out the issue with a dog as easily as you can for a person. Plus, it costs THOUSANDS to get a doggie MRI. So, we're trying a combo of Glucosamine, fish oil, and doggie advil as well as just 'round the block walks for two weeks. If she limp subsides after two weeks, we can do longer neighborhood walks. If she's good with no limp after 4-6 weeks, she can go back to her pack walks. 

It's sad to take her off pack walks for that long but the vet had a good point when she said, "If we continue to let her go on pack walks without slowing her down, she might tear something and never be able to go on a pack walk again." Roger that. 

The other good news is that the doctor didn't mention arthritis. 

Ethan is getting his first tooth!!! He was cranky yesterday and asked Nanny if he was cranky with her too and she said yes. The nanny baby's sister (who is 9) pointed out that she saw white on Ethan's lower gum so we said, oh maybe he is getting a tooth! I stuck my finger in his mouth and sure enough, felt a sharp little jab! Ahhhhhh! First teeth. He hasn't been reacting too badly to them so we didn't even notice. Maybe this explains his nighttime wakeups!?

He also officially needs to upgrade his bibs. Those cute, little cloth bibs are a joke now. We need some heavy duty food catching over here. The amount of food in his lap at the end of a meal is out of control!

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Nothing too exciting going on with Erik and I so you just get the kids updates today. haha

Is anyone watching House of Cards Season 3. SO boring! When is it going to get good?? I felt like season 1 and 2 had shocking moments in every episode.

Love this song!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday

1. Glee Finale. Did you watch? I watched the last 3 episodes after not watching the show for at least a year. I thought it was a great ending to an groundbreaking show. 

2. EGL is turning 9 months this week. HOW did we get here!?

3. KIMMY's birthday is today! WooHOO!

4. MY Birthday is coming up on April 2nd and we're planning a little brunch at our place to celebrate. 

5. Drop Dead Diva - Season 6. It is FINALLY on Netflix. I think I finished Season 5 before EGL was born and had to wait sooooo long for this series finale season. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pancakes and Cinnabuns

We started Sunday off with blueberry pancakes and Ethan ate his first pancake. He actually ate TWO. He was chowing down and asking for more. He loves to eat. 

Our friends Justin, Lisa, and Oliver came over later in the morning. Oliver is 2 1/2 and Ethan loved staring at him! We went to the playground and hung out at our house for a little while. After their visit, Ethan passed out for a THREE hour nap. Tired boy. 

After nap time, we skyped with Uncle Jaime today. 

We also went downtown to Cinnaholic and got cinnamon buns. You can choose your frosting(there are about 15+ choices) and your toppings. I chose vanilla with pie crumble and blueberries. Erik got vanilla with strawberries. DELISH. 

We walked across the street to UC campus and sat outside to eat our cinnabuns. 

Ethan just crawled around and picked at the grass. 
Erik told him about fifty times not to put it in his mouth. 

He crawled away and we called him back. He came fast-crawling back to us. 

Happy Happy Boy!

When we were sitting in the park, I said to Erik, "This is the life. Sitting in the park with your family eating cinnabuns without a care in the world." Simple things make you realize how much you have to be grateful for and that the simple things and life can mean a lot. You don't have to be doing something extravagent to be really happy. 

I was letting him stand up on his own and he can do it for about 3 seconds before he falls. He was laughing so hard when he fell(&I caught him). He is too much. 

Despite us all thinking he will walk early(like by 9months), I don't know if that will happen. Maybe around 10 or 11 months. He loves to crawl and if he is standing up by the furniture, he crouches down to crawl away. 

Speaking of crawling. Look who knows how to get out the front door to go see his Dad outside! 

Weekend Notes + Fieldwork Brewery

Look at that adorable smirk
Thursday is my new night out and this past Thursday, I went downtown and got a massage. It was awesome. The massage therapist, Misha, was great and I can't wait to go back!

Here's Ethan showing his St. Patrick's Day cards he got in the mail
Friday was a good day because I worked from home and got a lot done. I got some laundry done AND the groceries delivered. I pick Ethan up a little early on Fridays when he is at the Nanny.

We walked over to Trader Joe's to pick up some things. He carried the cilantro yogurt dip in the store and all the way home. He also had some when we got home and loved it. 
Anchor Steam is now making a saison! It was good!

We played with Evie

Ethan emptied Evie's toy bin for her

Ethan had salmon for the first time for dinner and he liked it!

On Saturday, we went to swimming and story time again. Ethan pays attention to the librarian when she reads and sings. We got a little goal sheet from the library to read to our kids, make up rhymes, visit the library, etc. If we can mark off 12 activities, we get a prize! After our morning activities, Ethan took a nice nap. 
Here we are leaving swim class. It was probably 60 out and foggy so it was chilly. 

We watched the Ethan circuit in the living room before story time. He crawled over to that laundry basket/bag and tried to get out of the living room. He couldn't so he then crawled under the high chair and over to his music table. 

After story and nap, we had lunch outside. Ethan held a half of avocado and got it EVERYWHERE. He kept turning and holding onto me to stand up. If you can see, there is avocado all over my pants! haha

Oh - another thing EGL got into..climbing under his standing jumper! 

We went to a new brewery in Berkeley called Fieldwork Brewing Company. It is a big, open warehouse space with an indoor bar and seating. They have a variety of beers on tap at a good price. They are pretty heavy with the pours and pints are $6 or you can get a taste for $2 however, a taste is a half pint! 

We had fun at the brewery but didn't stay long. He just wants to crawl everywhere and it's hard to hold him for a long time. 

Take out sushi and a movie ended our Saturday. Busy day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wandering Wednesday

I woke up on Monday morning with my left eye looking RED. I tried my eye drops for dry eyes and it did not help. All day at work, people surmised that I had pink eye. On Tues AM, I went to the doctor and turns out that I do not have pink eye. He said it looks like a reaction or infection of some sort and prescribed drops to me. My eye already looks back to normal.

Ethan is back to sleeping all night(or most of the night). Yahooooooooo! He might wake up once around 430 or 530 but goes back to sleep. I look over at the monitor and he is on all fours! I think he wakes up, gets on his hands&knees, gets confused, and cries.

Evie is going back to the vet on Friday. Unfortunately, she is still limping. I am pretty sure it is arthritis but I want to be sure. It is very, very sad for me to see Evie slow down. I seriously cannot even think about it or think about losing her because honestly we are soulmates. So, I won't think or talk about it now. We will go to the Vet and see what is up. If it is arthirtis, we will get her on a pain management plan. If the Vet tells us she needs to rest again, we're not listening to her. WE did that a few months ago and it didn't help. Evie doesn't want to rest and she deserves to have fun in life. If it means more pain meds so she can run and swim and have fun, then that is what we'll do. I know this is how Evie thinks---

"Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Shit, what a ride!"

My coworker gave us a free one week pass to her club so we are going to use it this weekend. They have tennis, pools, etc. Hopefully it's nice out this weekend!