Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend with Kimmy

This past weekend, Kimmy visited! We had a low key weekend but we had a great time just hanging out together. Kimmy got in late on Friday so we really saw her when we woke up on Saturday. 

We went to Ethan's swim class at 9:30 and had lunch at home. Then, Ethan slept from 1-3pm. While he was sleeping, we made this turkey wreath. I found it on Pinterest and it doesn't look exactly the same but pretty similar! You can see the directions on how to make it here

We probably took a walk when Ethan woke up and just hung around the house. We played with his toys and he entertained us. He tried to ride Evie like a horse and she didn't mind it. 

On Sunday, we went out to breakfast at our fave spot that we haven't been to in awhile. But first, we had a funny encounter at home. Ethan woke up at 7 but we were both tired so I told Erik to 1)change his diaper then 2)bring him in to lay with us. Erik only did #2. Ethan was laying with us and hopping around the bed. I said, "He needs a diaper, he stinks!" As I passed him over for a diaper, we realized....HE GOT POOP ON THE SHEETS. He had taken a big poop and it was coming out of the top of his diaper. It got on his sheets, on his PJ's, and on me. YUCK. 

He immediately went into the tub, I went in the shower, and the bed got stripped. Pretty gross but pretty funny!

After breakfast, we went to the store to get stuff to make pilgrim hat cookies! 

You heat up chocolate chips in a glass bowl over boiling water, stick the marshmallow in & cover it in chocolate. Then, you put it on top of a cookie & draw a buckle on the marshmallow. 

Ethan helped by taking his spot on the counter and holding a marshmallow

He had his first marshmallow and loved it

Here are the cookies, minus the buckle.

Silly boy

He took another long nap in the afternoon. I think he is in a development leap because he is doing the three C's right now: Clinging, Crying, Crankiness. I think he is growing at the same time because suddenly some of his pants are an inch too short. 

Just doing some reading later in the day

We had dinner & Ethan didn't want to eat any of it. UGH. He eats breakfast and lunch fine but lately dinner is up for grabs. 

Sampling a pilgrim hat cookie. 

Here are our cookies, if you can see them!

We had dinner together and put Ethan to bed. Both Sat and Sun nights, he cried and cried when it was time to go to bed. Maybe it was because he wanted to stay up with Kimmy? Monday night, he went to bed without a peep. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

Ethan caught a cold from the nanny share baby this week. UGH! On Wednesday night, he was so stuffed up with a runny nose and could not sleep. It was a Newborn Night for sure because we were up every 2 hours. Woweeeeeee. Haven't had one of those nights in awhile. By 3:30, I brought him into bed and he slept ON me for a little while but you know what? We all slept from 3:30-7 and that is all that mattered!

Had another rough night on Thursday but it was a little better than Wednesday. Fingers crossed Erik & I do not get sick because we are going on vacation next week. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

Here's Evie with her friends this week---

Ethan is quickly mastering the spoon 

New words this week - Two, Poop, Ace (from a book where there is a "flying ace")

Thanks to my friend Kirsten for all of the amazing hand me down pajamas we just pulled out of the closet. He has a ton of clothes now!

My right hip has been killing me all week - It's SO tight. I saw a Groupon for a The Bar Method class for $30 unlimited classes for 30 days. I think I might try it because it seems to be more of a strenghtening class and that is what I need. Anyone ever try Bar class?

My favorite dinner this week was Ravioli lasagna. SO good and So easy!!!

Recipe HERE
One of the BEST casserole recipes EVER!!! No PANS Needed ONLY one casserole dish - UNDER 5 minutes to prepare the DISH! Must Make This Week - Ravioli Bake Recipe:

We will have a great weekend because KIMMY IS COMING TO VISIT. Wahoooooooo!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cal Academy of Science & Toy Organization

On Sunday, we went to the Cal Academy of Science in SF. Kimmy gave Ethan a membership for his birthday and we finally went. Now that he is down to one nap, it opens up our entire morning to do something fun! We went for "member hours" which means the place opens up an hour early for members. Kimmy & I took Ethan here back in May, when he wasn't even walking yet! This time was a different experience for him. 

He checked out all of the tanks of animals 

He ran up the ramp in the Rainforest

He watched the fish swim above him

More fish

Cool art wall in the Africa wing

Checking out the giraffes

Ethan loved the outdoor area with the stone sculptures of animals. He probably loved running around outside the most out of anything! There were some bigger kids running around and he was trying to run with them. 

We left and made it home for lunch & nap. Ethan slept for ANOTHER long nap - 1-4! During nap, I went to the grocery store and Babies R Us. When I got home, Ethan woke up, had a snack and we took a walk. 

He is showing interest in stuffed animals these days. He was loving this little blue dog the other day. 

When we got home, we started to put together this new toy organizer that I got at BRU. 

Ethan loved getting in between the bars like a little cage. 

Found the bins that will live on the toy rack. haha

Finished product

Ah organization - made us so happy to put this thing together and organize the toys!

Epic Nap Saturday

Check out this cool dude. 

On Saturday, we went to swim class at 9:30. We are in the new intermediate class now with a later start which is nice. We don't need to race out of the house to make it to the pool for 8:30am. 

Ethan walked to the pool and carried his own towel. 

After swimming, Ethan and I went to Trader Joe's, had some lunch, and then he took an EPIC nap. He slept from 12:30 - 4pm. Erik was out surfing so while he slept, I cleaned and then relaxed. 

When Ethan woke up, we went down to Triple Rock for a drink and a snack. We haven't been there in awhile! Ethan enjoyed the nachos that we got. When they put them on the table, he said "oooohhh!" He can eat the chips and cheese but I had to keep him away from the jalapenos!

When we got home, he had some dinner and went to bed at normal time, despite having that loooong nap!

Ethan Salsa Dancing

Last week, Ethan was a dancing fool. We put on some Puerto Rican salsa music and he was shaking it. Just watch the first 30 seconds if to see the best part.

He loves to dance. We have started to have a little dance party every night after dinner and it's been so much fun. Everyone can just chill out and laugh before Ethan goes to bed.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Airport Delays & Travel Woes

We tried to leave on Monday morning out of Hartford but we did not make it out. We got to the airport around 8:30am for our 9:30 flight. We rush to the gate to see we've been delayed until 11am. 
We played in the airport

They had fun seating to climb on!

At 11, the flight got pushed to 4pm due to mechanical error. At this point, we've been on the phone with Delta twice asking us to get us on a different flight or a different airline. They push our connection in the hopes that we will make our flight. They are confident that we will make a connection and get into SF late. 

Ethan was so tired and he passed out in the baby carrier. Glad he is only 22lbs and still fits in this thing!

When he got up, and it was around 3:30, we learned our flight was not taking off until 7pm. We would potentially make it to our connection city of Detroit but not to SF. Our choices were to get to Detroit and get a hotel or stay in Hartford and get a hotel. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. 

We opted to just stay in Hartford at the hotel. We went to the hotel and it was totally crappy but we were just thinking, let's just get through this and get home tomorrow. 

Here we are at the hotel restaurant getting some food. Erik was not happy but Ethan was. There was music playing and he was dancing. 

In the hotel room, he sat in bed and read some books. 

Saw what a real telephone looks like...

Ethan and I shared a bed and he slept well all night. This was definitely a moment where we were grateful not to have a little baby with us where we would need a crib and all of that. Also, we were thankful we had enough diapers with us in the airport for the day AND that he can eat normal food. Airports DO NOT sell diapers, wipes, or baby food. What the heck would someone do if they were delayed and in a different child situation than us?? So absurd. Huggies and Gerber need to get on that ASAP. 

We got up early (4am) to get on the 6am flight. I literally scooped EGL out of bed and he stayed asleep while we got into an Uber. Got to the airport and made our first flight to Detroit and had a quick connection to SFO. 

EGL slept most of the flight from DTW to SFO. 

We were on a huge plane and it was pretty empty. People had full rows to themselves and we had an empty middle seat. 

We made it home early - landed at 11am. We picked up Evie and headed home. WHEW. We made it!!!

While we were away, they had Halloween dress up at her camp. I think she is a turkey or a peacock?

Well, despite the extra day of travel, we had a good trip. It was good to see everyone and be back for awhile. Also, great to celebrate Kimmy!

Wedding Shower - Preview

On Sunday, we held Kimmy's Shower at the Bridge House Restaurant. I'm waiting to get the pics from the photographer so here are just a few that I took. Went for a little bit rustic theme since their wedding is going to be at a place called The Lake House. 

More to come.