Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ethan: 13 Months

Our little Ethan Graham is 13 months today. He is becoming such a big boy!!
Weight - Around 20lb
Height - Around 30"

Our sweet, happy, giggly boy. He is still a happy boy but he definitely tells us when he is not happy. He also loves to be held and cuddled. He points to everything and wants to know what everything is. He is trying to talk and can say Mama, Da, Ba(Ball?). He has said some words just once like light and truck but we haven't heard them again.

Being outside
Going to new places
Meeting new people(he puts on a show!)
Napping and going to bed
Reading books
Petting Evie 
Seeing dogs and cats on the street
Watching cars, trucks, buses go by
Going to the beach
Riding in the stroller or car or too long

Can: Walk a few steps on his own!
Crawl like a madman
Push his little train or lion around the house

Favorite Foods: Everything!!!!! No lemons or broccoli though

Sleeps: 7pm - 7am or later. Ahhhh to think back to those early days when we were thrilled to sleep for 4 hour stretches. We put him into bed awake and he puts himself to sleep. He might roll around for a little while but he gets to sleep. If he is having a tough night and needs an extra hug, he stands up in the crib and we go in to help him out but that is a rare occurance.

Check out these posts from when he was such a little guy---Just a few weeks old, sleeping a few hours at a time... Here is another one at 12 weeks where we were battling the swaddle. Ugh, I remember that thing. Love/hate relationship. We don't even have him in the sleep sack anymore - he is just in pajamas and goes tto bed with a blanket. At 12 weeks, I never thought we'd get to this place!

Ah we love Ethan so much. He is really so funny and so much fun to be with. Sure, he wears us out but it is all worth it!

First Donut and Studio Grow

Slow Sunday morning....Ethan woke up close to 8am! We had breakfast and hung out at home for a little while before heading out. 

Here is Ethan just hanging out, standing up on his own. He went through the cabinets and pulled out some container tops. 

Around 10, we headed out to Happy Donuts. We gave Ethan his first donut hole and he loved it. 

After Happy Donuts, we walked next door to Studio Grow for some playtime. 

Ethan scampered right in to go play. 

Fun magnets that all fit together and spin. 

The ball pit. Ethan was going insane in the ball pit. He was kicking the balls and squealing. Some other kids came into the pit and he loved it. He watched another kid climb in and out and then he did it, too! When we were about to leave for the day, he crawled super fast to the ball pit for one last play. 

Climbing around and going down the slide

Played with trucks and dinosaurs

Banged wooden sticks together and danced in the music room 
Here he is climbing up on his own

We went home and Ethan went right to bed for his nap. When he woke up, we had lunch and then went outside for a little while. 

Ethan saw a little chihuahua and went right over to it. The owner let him pet it and he was laughing while he pet the dog. We hung out in the park for a little while and then went home. 

Erik did some gardening and Ethan cute. 

This crazy cat is climbing on everything. He climbed up on his little music table this weekend and then he climbed onto Evie's bowl stand. 

He also loves going through the cabinets in the kitchen. Today, he took out a container of bread crumbs and dumped them on the floor. That was after he dumped out a box of tea bags so we had a nice pile of tea bags and bread crumbs. You should see him when he's in the cabinets - so serious. He takes things out, looks at them, and puts them back methodically. He found some coffee filters and was stuffing them into different sections of the cabinet. Too funny. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ethan Walks & Kite Festival

Over the past few weeks, we've practiced walking with him and this week, he was walking around just holding onto one of our fingers. We played a game where he would walk to one of us but right before he reached the other person, we would let go of his hand and he would have the momentum to take a few steps on his own. 

Yesterday, he stood up on his own and took about 10 steps!!! He did this about three times. It was so funny to see and we were kind of in disbelief that it was happening. He didn't really walk on his own today so next time he does, we'll get video. 

We had a busy Saturday! We went to swim class at 8:30 and tried to put Ethan down for his nap at 9:30 but he wasn't interested in sleeping yet. Erik put him in the baby backpack and took him out to get a coffee and go to the farmer's market. I stayed home and did a quick workout and put Ethan to bed when he came home. 

When he got up, we had lunch and then headed out to the Berkeley Kite Festival. The Kite Festival is an annual festival held at the Berkeley marina. This was our first year attending the festival because honestly, we just didn't care to go look at a bunch of kites flying around. However, we thought EGL would enjoy it so we went down to check it out. 

This backpack is getting a lot of use! There was going to be limited parking in the actual marina so we parked nearby and walked. I say nearby, but it turned out to be a 2 mile walk!!! 

We had a nice walk over a pedestrian bridge to the other side of the high way to get to the marina. We finally reached the marina and I was tired!!! 

There were a TON of kites!

These octopus kites were HUGE. They were SO long!

Anyone could come down to fly a kite so we saw older people down to little kids flying their kites. 

Ethan just wanted to sit and relax in my lap. 

We saw some other people with really good set ups. They brought half tents, lawn chairs, snacks, lunch, and drinks. We saw one group with champagne! 

We stayed at the festival for a little while and then headed home. This time, we hopped a shuttle to get us half way to the car so we only had to walk a mile to the car. We got a 3 mile walk in today! 

Walking back over the bridge, saw this cool sculpture on the bridge. 

Ethan liked pulling my ponytail on the walk back!

When we got home, I put him right into bed and thought he was asleep. He laid in his bed for about 30 minutes rolling around, talking, laughing. Finally, he started crying rather than falling asleep so I got him up. We at least got 30 min to just relax rather than none. We were exhausted!

For dinner, we walked over to Townie for dinner. Ethan entertained himself by looking into the window watching the staff prepare meals. Ethan loves when they look at him and wave. He also was doing an obstacle course for himself going from the seat, into the locked stroller, standing on the stroller, and repeating. We have our ordering down to a routine at Townie. When we sit down, we order one drink and our dinner together. No apps and no second beers. By the time we are done eating, Ethan is cranky and ready to go. It works out perfectly. We also try to be at the restaurant at 5:30 so we can leave at 6:30 to get him home for bedtime. It worked out perfectly tonight and he was in bed at 7. 

Friday Giggles + Merry Go Round

Yay for Fridays! We always linger in the morning and play with Ethan rather than rushing to get ready for work. I work from home on Fridays so I had our nanny come over closer to 9 so it was just family time until then. 

Happy, Giggling, boy

After breakfast, he was climbing all over the house

In Evie's bed and chewing on her collar....lovely. 

How did he get so tall? He can reach right on top of the table now!

I did some work and got a haircut while Ethan napped and then went to the park. 

Since we have half day Fridays, I took Ethan on an adventure on Friday afternoon. We went up to Tilden Park to the Merry Go Round!

Merry Go Rounds are sort of scary. The wooden animals are freaky looking and all of their mouths are open which makes them look terrifying. Then, they play that loud, calliopie music to really scare you. Ethan was intrigued/scared at the whole thing. 

Here, he is grabbing onto me for dear life. haha. He did NOT want to sit on a horse by himself so we sat in a seated car that went up and down. Merry Go Rounds also go sort of fast. I don't remember them being fast as a kid. When we got off and headed to the car, he was pointing at the carousel so I think he did like it!

Since we were already up in Tilden, we went to the Steam Train again. It was not crowded at all so there were just a few of us on the train which was fun!

Ready for the ride

The first time we went on the steam train, Ethan was just in awe and shock. This time, he seemed to enjoy himself. He was pointing at things on the ride and more relaxed on the train than on the carousel.

Ethan was loving the train cart

We headed home and Ethan went right to bed for another nap.

We had that other family (let's call them Family B) come over on Friday for another visit. They are nice and have a 6 mo old baby boy. I think we could possibly share with them but we'll see.

We made pizza on the grill to wrap up the day!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

Well everyone, we heard from that possible nanny share family and they decided to not share with us. They said it was a hard decision but they decided to share with someone closer to their house. They lived almost in the next town over so that makes sense. The Mom offered to hook us up with some people they had talked to who were looking to join a full time share so that was nice of her. I am talking to a few other people to see if they want to share, as well.

Something will work out. If the train doesn't stop at your station, it's not the right train.

We have another family coming over again today and another one next week. Something will work out!

Ethan had a good week with our Nanny here at our house. She is so awesome - she cleaned, did laundry, and MADE US DINNER. At night, I look around and feel like there is nothing to do. I might just have to start working out after work since I really have no excuses anymore!

Ethan learned how to open the cabinets

He had fun at the playground

Made funny faces while eating

Speaking of eating, Ethan is getting a rash on his eye(only one eye) after eating. The nurse line at his pediatrician said that sounds strange and suggests we try eliminating key foods such as Peanut Butter or Eggs for a week to see if the rash continues. I think it could be a deramatitis rather than a food allergy because he rubs his eye with his food covered hand during meals. We'll see.

He was being so funny yesterday by climbing up on the ottoman. He can almost get up there on his own. 

He was rolling around on the ottoman and laying there laughing

Then, getting down quickly and trying to get up quickly. Then...he got upset for some reason. 

1/2 day Fridays today. Woohoo! Off to a weekend with NO plans. Yahoo!