Sunday, April 19, 2015

Playgrounds and Ippuku


Ethan and I had a great Saturday together. We got up and went to swimming. He is finally showing happiness at swim class. He is clapping, splashing, laughing, and having a good time. He has also learned from the past classes. For example, we sing this "Ring around the rosie" song and then dunk the babies under water. Well, now when the song is over, he shuts his eyes because he knows the dunk is coming! 

After swimming, we went home and Ethan did not feel like napping. Erik was surfing and after trying to put EGL down for a nap, we went out for a walk. When in doubt, take a walk. Seriously. I cannot stay in the house and try to put him to bed repeatedly. I'd rather take a walk, tire him out, and try again later. Well, that totally worked because we walked to the playground and after an hour, he was ready for bed. 

We played at the playground on the swings, the slide, and in the sand. I had a "I'm really a Mom" moment because I was sitting in the sand with Ethan and not one, but two little girls came up to talk to me. They came up to tell me their age, show me their shirt, and ask about Ethan. haha. One thing we definitely need to get Ethan is sand toys! The Nanny takes him to the park every day and she asked if we have any. Then today, he was playing with toys that were left at the playground so now we definitely need to get him some this weekend. 

After napping, Ethan got up and had lunch. One thing he ate a lot of strawberries which he loved. After Ethan's lunch, Erik's friend Kevin came over and we made lunch for us. Then, Erik and Kevin played guitar together so Ethan and I went out for a long walk and hit up another playground. 

We went over to Cedar Rose Park to check out out to see if it would be a good spot for Ethan's 1st birthday. It reminded me of when Ethan and I went to this park when he was only a few months old. Look how cute he was :-)

Ethan loved playing in the sand!

We also hung out in the grass and had a snack. Look at this little dude!!! 

This is him giving me a hug. He leans in and puts his head against mine. It's really adorable. 

EGL Selfie

When we got back, Kevin headed out so then we hung out together. 

Look at him riding on his lion. He was STANDING on the seat. 

For dinner, we went out with our friends Lisa and Justin for dinner in Berkeley. We have walked past this place called Ippuku a ton of times but have never been. We thought it was a sushi place but turns out it is a Japanese street food spot.
We had this fun dish of scallion pancake. We ordered a bunch of little dishes and shared everything. We had so much stuff from chicken skewers to ramen to corn fritters. The set up and decor was cool. The seating was along the two walls and not set up like a normal restaurant with tables all spread out. 

There were some areas with tables on this platform and you sat on pillows at the table. See the shoes lined up? People had to take off their shoes before sitting down. 

The food, experience, and company was great. The service was SO SLOW. We were there for about THREE hours. I swear 30 min went by without us seeing our server. I guess that is just how it is there. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up


I've been off my blogging game this week. We had a good week. I am feeling a LOT better AND Ethan slept solidly pretty much all week which means we got FULL nights sleep. Amazing.

Although we had a good week, Monday started by coming home to this...

I think lack of attention + lack of exercise + smelling the tray of chicken in the trash did her in. 

That meant that on Tuesday morning, we woke up to dog puke in the living room. Lovely.


The glitter sandals arrived and I love them

This kid LOVES cheese and pasta

Monster shirt
Ethan is trying to stand on his own. He can do it for about 10 seconds which is so crazy to see!!

The weather was warm and sunny later in the week which was awesome.

Someone discovered the hose and was having fun playing with it

On Friday, the nanny share family went away for the weekend which meant we got the nanny at our house which was nice!! No packing up everything in the morning. I left work a little early and got a mani/pedi which was nice. I didn't have to rush out to pick him up by a certain time.

When Erik got home, we walked over to Townie for dinner. I swear we go there every Friday because it is so close.

Ethan ate some food we brought and then also had roast chicken and pureed squash from our dinners. See that window behind us, they were preparing food in the kitchen and he could see everyone in the window. He was standing up smiling and laughing. He was also hitting the window which we had to stop him from doing. 

This dude was tired but had a hard time going to bed on Friday. He was wailing. I mean, crying hysterically in a way I haven't heard him cry before. He did not want to go to bed and then he just wanted to be held and get a little help going to sleep. 

Whew. He finally went to sleep of course but it took awhile. Erik got a free concert ticket from a friend so he joined him for the show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley on Friday night. Nice way to end the week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunday Funday

On Sunday, Erik went to SF and ran the Presidio 10 race. He ran a 10K in 53 minutes!! We stayed home and played with EGL. He took a ride on his lion and practiced standing up on it. OY. He also pulls his feet up ONTO THE SEAT and stands, hunched over, holding onto the handles. 

When ERik got home, we went to the Westbrae Beer Garden for lunch. 
We brought books and toys for EGL but he didn't last too long sitting with us. 

Ethan was a busy bee.  I put him on this fence and he hung on AND tried to climb up. Can he really just be 9 months old!?
This kept him busy for a little while. He took everything out of my purse and put everything back in. My pre-baby self probably would've thought, "Why are they letting their baby do that? He should just sit and behave." Yeah ok. If he's quiet and not bothering anybody, it's fine!

Group Photo!

After lunch, we went to the nursery next door to get dirt. Ethan touched everything in the store. 

We tried on the garden hats...

When we came home, there was more play time and an afternoon nap.

He is a big fan of emptying his bucket and filling it back up. 

Look at him standing on his own a little bit. He is standing and holding on with one hand these days. 

We put Ethan to bed and had dinner together. Bed time was a challenge. He had quite a busy weekend and is growing so fast that he had a hard time settling down but he finally fell asleep. 

Kimmy headed out on the red eye to end a super fun weekend!!

35th Birthday Brunch

On Saturday, we had my 35th birthday brunch! When thinking about how I wanted to celebrate my birthday, I didn't want a big organized, expensive dinner at a restaurant or for a big meet up at a bar. I mean, going out at night is just not happening. I'd be too tired and the party would be short. haha. Instead, I thought a brunch would be perfect!

The theme was pink, navy, and nautical. Three of my favorite things. I got these adorable water bottle labels on Etsy. The one on the left says Heather's Sailing Co. Est 1980. haha

It's not a party without fun, paper straws

Mimosas! We had different juices to make your own mimosa

Party hats! Ethan wore his sweater vest for the occassion. 

My friend Cristin and her boyfriend Jake came all the way from Sacramento. I was sooooooo happy to see them!! Here, Ethan is eating a piece of baguette from the sandwich platter. He was sucking on the bread and eating the soft parts. We let him have it for awhile and then had to take it away when he tried to shove a big chunk in his mouth. 

For the food, we ordered a sandwich platter and fruit platter from Berkeley Bowl. Then, I made two egg casseroles. It was semi-homemade and worked out great. 

Me, Betsy, and her new baby Gwen - just 5 weeks old!

Family Pic

We also had fun nautical photo props!
Nicole, Me, Andrea

Me and my little sailor

Diane, me, Bailey

Kimmy & Me

Cristin, Me, Bailey

At the end of the party, Ethan was going crazy with the balloons. He was hitting them and laughing. He was also having fun with the party hats

The party started at 1130 and ended at 5. Such a fun day of just chilling out with my friends! Great way to ring in 35.