Friday, October 17, 2014

Marshmallow Man

So last night,we tried this sleep suit called the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. The concept behind the suit is that it is cotton and filled with poly to weigh the baby's limbs down so that they can sleep without being swaddled but still not have to deal with their arm reflexes. If we put Ethan in the crib in just PJ's, his arms would still be jolting him awake because that reflex is still strong. He loves his swaddle but we eventually have to move him out of it. Some books tell you to stop swaddling like 3 weeks ago and some say it doesn't matter how long. He'll tell us when he's ready, I guess.

I put him in this suit and he could pull his arms up to his face so of course, we watched him on the monitor. He was staring at his hands and putting them in his mouth. So, he cried because he couldn't go to sleep. I finally went in to swaddle him and of course, he passed out. So, I guess the Marshmallow suit wasn't for him.

I think we will be returning this thing to Amazon.

Anyway, wanted to tell you a funny thing Ethan has started doing. He makes these noises when he's going to sleep now. You know when you can hear yourself falling asleep sometimes and you make those Ehhhhh noises? He does that as he's going to sleep. It was pretty funny the first time I heard it. Hopefully that is a way he is learning to put himself to sleep. He is never 100% asleep when we put him to bed so that he can teach himself, as well.

In other news, his nails grow incredibly fast and he has quite a grip these days. It hurts if he grabs/scratches you! I have to clip his nails 2x a week it seems!

Today, he is 16 weeks old!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cup holding & homemade bread

Happy Boy! Wearing another fun bib we made back in May. L is for Luna. 

 Ethan is grabbing everyyyyything. I gave him this paper straw to hold one morning. He can reach out and take it from you. 

He can also hold a cup and put it up to his face. We use this in the little tub to rinse him off and I gave it to him to hold while I got ready one morning. 

Funny kid

This is from one day after I got home from work and we were going on a walk. 

Erik & Ethan are doing well. Some days are harder than others, of course. But, Erik is getting out of the house for walks and keeping the house running! We have clean laundry & a neat house.

Erik said that if there isn't a lot of milk in his bottle, Ethan can hold the bottle by himself. I didn't thik he would be able to do all of this stuff this early on!?

Here is the BREAD Erik made one day. It was delicious!! It went along with the crockpot dinner he made us. 

Work is going fine. I'm so glad I work 20 min away. I put Ethan down for his nap at 830 and get to work for 9am. I love being with him in the AM because he is usually so happy and giggly. He can be like that after work too, but sometimes he is tired and just ready for his bath. It's nice knowing that Ethan is home with his Dad all day so I don't worry so much. We're going to see if Erik can bring him into work one day. 

Ok that's our little check in for you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Evie Update

Evie is still going out with her friends twice a week. They said she is doing SO well and she is now playing with the other dogs. Evie used to love other dogs and played with them all the time. I think once she got hurt at the park in SF and had her knee surgery, I kept her away from other dogs. I wonder if that made her anxious around them. Who knows. All that matters is that she is back to playing!

Running around and SO happy!!

When we signed up with the dog walker, we had to pay a "premium" rate to have Evie walked. It was due to the fact that they didn't know Evie and had to take extra steps to see how she would react around other dogs. A few weeks after she started, we got dropped down to the mid-tier rate because she was doing well. Mid tier rate meant that they knew how she behaved but still had to keep an extra eye on her. 

Well, we are pleased to announce that we have been dropped again to the REGULAR RATE!! wahoooo! They said that Evie does SO well with the other dogs. She doesn't need a muzzle to ride in the car or play with anyone. She listens to the dog walkers and plays nicely. The girl that walks Evie regularly always says to me, Aw I love Evie! 

Does that warm your heart or what? We have a lot of happiness in the house and we're so glad it includes Evie. :-)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

UC Berkeley Walk & Erik Got Pooped On!

Here is Mr. Ethan after taking a SHORT morning nap. Oy. We played in his crib for a little bit after he woke up because I knew he was still tired. We practiced rolling over. 

"Here I am!"

Erik was surfing so I decided to take the team out for a walk. We went in the direction of the UC campus again and got some pics this time. It is a pretty campus but it is uphill. I feel bad for the students with the class at the bottom of the hill and the one at the top of the hill right after!

Lots of bridges and walkways throughout the campus

Evie got to roll around

Huge library

Scary statues

This is The Campanile, a famous bell tower on campus. It is actually the 3rd largest bell tower in the world! If you watch Parenthood, which is set in Berkeley, you can see this in the opening credits. 

A football statue

Evie was afraid of this globe thing

It was HOT out today. Good thing that the campus is pretty shaded!

Look at this cute face. He enjoyed the walk because he passed out & slept the entire time!

He also pooped on his Father! haha

We played with Ethan on the floor. He loves to just roll around. Here, he has a wooden teething ring that can finally fit in his mouth. 

Hey Daddy. 

After all of that fun, Ethan had another nap and then we went downtown. We went to Jupiter for pizza and a beer for a late lunch. We got to sit outside and it wasn't too hot. Ethan did not take his 3rd nap and he was up for a loooonnng time. What can you do. We tried the stroller walk but that didn't do anything. I took him to the store and put him in the Ergo - no nap. As we have learned, sometimes days just don't go as planned and you can try all you want but your baby is going to do what he wants in terms of sleeping. 

It was a good weekend despite the heat. We are ready for some FALL weather over here. Looks like we have another 80 degree day on Monday and then it's goig to be in the 60's and 70's again. Whew!

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday afternoon, we took Ethan to a little pumpkin patch in Oakland. It was so small but for a 3 month old, it was all we needed. 

We put him in this giant pumpkin for a photo which he was fine with for one second and then he cried :-(

Tried to take a family shot but it was so sunny that you can't really see us. 

Picture time!

After getting a pumpkin, we strolled Piedmont Ave which is filled with shops and restaurants. We stopped at Gregiore for sandwiches to go. 

By the time we were done, it was nap time so we had to get home. 

Here's a picture of Ethan in his stroller. Had a big day of playing, trying to nap, and getting his pumpkin!

Playing with Toys, Leaves, and Teddy

Happy Friday! 

Here's Ethan making faces and talking to me while on the changing table. He's too funny. 

Day 3, I went to work and no tears so I think I'm gonna be OK. It was a tough day for Dad & Ethan because Ethan just wanted to play and not eat for a few hours. He is SO distracted when it's time to eat and it's a pain, I'm not gonna lie. Whether I feed him or Erik gives him a bottle, he wants to be looking around the entire time instead of eating. We've tried feeding him in the dark so he has nothing to look at! I guess a baby will eat when he feels like it because eventually he did. 

I got out of work at 3pm so I rushed home to see the boys. We took EGL on a walk before bath time. Look at his cute little hat! He fell asleep in the ERGO, of course. 

On Saturday AM, we worked out while Ethan took his morning Nap. I took Evie on a 2 miler up into the UC Berkeley campus. We took Hearst Ave all the way up into campus and that street literally turns into a 45 degree hill. We were both breathing heavy when we got to the top. We cut through campus on the way home which is a very pretty campus. It was game day and at 9am, people were already getting ready!

Came home to this cutie who can now play with that colorful toy. He can reach out & grab it which is cool. He can also transfer things from one hand to the other. Before I was a parent, I would've said- great your kid can hold sh%*. Now, it is really cool to see him develop these little skills! Sometimes they happen overnight which is also surprising. 

He is super interested in the garden outside and reaches out to grab leaves!

Nom Nom. I like tomato plants!

Uncle Jaime gave Ethan this teddy bear back in August. He wasn't interested in it but I gave it to him on Saturday and he totally was into it!

He grabbed him and tried to chew on him. hah

So cute.