Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lots of reading and Garden Tomatoes

We got a new book this weekend that may have taken over Toad on the Road. We now have Pig At Work and it's all about a pig that has a job DRIVING A BACKHOE. Ethan could not contain himself when we opened this book (from Amazon by the way for about $3).

Speaking of books....I cannot get through this one without crying! Ethan pulled it off the shelf one day and seems to really like it. It is a book about how much we love Ethan and that no matter where he is in life, he can feel our love in the wind or the rain or the sun. BEYOND. It makes me think about him packing up and leaving for college already. 

Ethan was really into books today. He has some books in the living room and he pulled some out, climbed into my lap, leaned against me and we read this morning. In those moments, I literally try to suck the air out of the moment because it is so great. 

We hung around the house on Sunday while Erik went surfing. When Ethan woke up, we had lunch at home. Erik's tomato plants are blooming so they picked a tomato for Ethan. Ethan bit into it like an apple!

He also loves edamame. Evie does too. Look at her begging for food....

After lunch, we went to the playground. 

Ethan can go down the big slide by himself. Erik didn't need to hold him but in this video, he did. Such a daredevil!

While EGL had afternoon nap, I went to Michaels to return something and pick up a frame. When I came home, he was playing and reading.
He also helped me make dinner. He came into the kitchen and wanted me to hold him while i was making dinner so I let him "help". He carried a box of pasta around and tried to feed Evie. He held a spoon and hit the chicken with it. haha

Erik brewed so Ethan gave him a hand with his equipment. 

Good weekend together!

Eureka Lunch and Tastings Afternoon

On Saturday, Ethan didn't get up until almost 8am! We did NOT have swimming.  We are on a three week summer break and start back up in September. We went for a walk and played at home before Ethan took a nap.

When he woke up, we went down to Eureka and met Sarah, Steve, & Nicole for lunch. Awhile back, Sarah, Nicole, and I Planned to go to Napa. Well, it came time to plan the trip and we were all not feeling Napa. Going up there is a full day commitment plus it gets expensive if you want to get a driver, have a nice lunch, etc....So, we decided to do some tastings in Berkeley instead.

Erik and Ethan joined us for lunch but then headed home. Ethan did NOT want to sit still at all in the restaurant. I think I mentioned this but we decided to stop trying to bring him out to eat for awhile. We'd rather spend the money on the babysitter and a nice dinner out rather than wrestling with him in the restaurant. Recently, one of us ends up sitting to eat while the other one is walking around with Ethan.

After lunch, we headed down to 4th Street and went to the Sierra Nevada tap room and Urbano Cellars for a $5 wine tasting.
My beer tastings - how adventerous of me

Me, Sarah, Nicole

At Urbano, we tried some of the grapes that they are going to turn into wine soon

It was a good time and a nice few hour break to myself. When I got home, we gave Ethan dinner and put him to bed. I think Ethan might be a vegetarian. He loves beans. He had a bean veggie burger at lunch and then more beans for dinner. He will eat chicken but it has to be in something like a burrito. He doesn't want to eat chicken or fish on it's own anymore. Oh well...this is what is happening for now and it will probably change in a few weeks.

We were so tired and were in bed by 10. haha

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday Library Time

We started Friday with a serious breakfast. Ethan was lifting his shirt up and in front of his face. Then, sitting there with it up throughout breakfast. 

Concentrating on his blueberries

I went to work for half day Friday and was home by 1pm. Ethan and I played at home and he tried to nap. He laid in bed for an hour but couldn't get to sleep. They are putting a new roof on the house next door and I think the noise was keeping him up. 

So, instead, he did some gardening....

Loves to transfer the dirt from one pot to another

We walked downtown to get a juice and go to the library. 

We saw this Cal Bear made out of scraps of metal

Pretty cool!

Ethan stole my juice. haha He literally puts his hands out and takes it from you. 

At the library, we played on the wooden structures

Played with the blocks that they have and also their mini kitchen. Ethan took the "food" out of the refrigerator and transfered it to the sink many, many times. 

Checking out the scene on the street

Ethan just jumps right in when there are new things to do or play with. He even walked over to a group of young boys reading as if to say, "anyone want to play with me?" haha. 

The library is going to start having storytime on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. I think we will try to go! We can never make Saturday story time at 10am because he is asleep. He goes with Angelica sometimes during the week but I love taking him. We could easily feed him dinner then meet Dad at the library. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up

This week was so busy at work culminating with a presentation on Thursday at work. I could not wait for this thing to be over with. We presented a few weeks ago, had some changes to make, and Thursday was the final presentation. It went really well and the director said it was AWESOME. Woohoo!

Ethan's walking got so much better this week. He can not push himself up to standing and walk around the house. He walks out of the living room and goes right down the hall. He can turn and walk back to you, as well. It's pretty cool to see him change like that. He is also really trying to talk to us. We said No No No the other day! He definitely understands A LOT. If you ask him if he is hungry, he walks over to his high chair. Ask if he wants to help feed Evie, he comes into the kitchen.
Speaking of feeding Evie, he fed Evie dried pasta this week. She loved it.

He picked tomatoes off the plant outside and ate them!

Ethan selfies

He loves the garden. He even tries to hold the hose when Erik is watering the plants. It's so cute. 

He also loves this book - Toad on the Road. It's a learn to read book for older kids so the copy on each page is short and everything rhymes so it's a fun read. You know how Ethan LOVES trucks? Well, he was kept going to one particular page in this book and staring at it. I kept asking him what he was looking at and finally, he pointed out the truck on the page! I was shocked because it's a truck parked on the road in the background of the page - not the focus of the page.

I feel like we need some new books. We have a lot of books but we only read a percentage of them because he only really likes short books with short copy on each page. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!

HNO was in SF this week with my friends Sarah and Lisa at Ramen Bar. We hadn't seen LIsa since Ethan's birthday party so it was good to see her.

Erik had hockey this week - late, at 11pm.

Here's one more random thing for you....

While I was at that sales meeting a few weeks ago, a neurologist named Dr. Pradeep spoke to the group. It was really fascinating because he explained how the male and female brains are SO different, how babies brains work, teenage brains work, changes your brains go through from age 40-50 (and why it causes what you think is a mid life crisis), and what happens after the age of 60. Ill have to dig up my notes to give you the topline of each because it's so interesting.

Anyway, one thing he talked about in another session I saw him in was about how we sign our emails. He said the best way to sign an email is....Warmly, Heather. He said that when someone reads warmly, their body actually responds to it and you cannot be mad after reading anything in the email. You actually feel warm reading it. Sounds weird but it's true - try it. I used it to respond to a snarky email our landlord wrote to us and I think it worked because I did not hear back from her!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hot Sunday and Haircuts

Sunday was another HOT day. Ethan and I went to Target in the morning to get another fan for the house. We got the last pedestal fan on the shelf at 9am! I also got him two shirts from the clearance rack for $3 each. 

Had a nap and when he woke up we had lunch then headed out. We went down to the Chapparel House to volunteer. Today, we hung out with three ladies near a big fish tank so Ethan loved that. There were eight fish in there and he spent some time talking to the fish. Then, he played with some blocks and the ladies just enjoyed hanging out with him. 

After volunteering, we just hung around the house. We had enough going on Saturday so we took it easy on Sunday. We took Evie for a walk, almost died of heat exhaustion, and sat in front of the fan some more. I hit up the grocery store during nap #2. 

When he woke up, Erik tried to give him Ethan a haircut. His hair is definitely poppin' these days so we think it's time. 

He got it somewhat trimmed but Ethan didn't want to sit still. We gave him the camera pointed at himself in order for him to sit still. 

Loved seeing himself

We'll see how it looks tomorrow. We might be going to the hair dresser to get it finished. haha

Here's hoping its cooler here this week!!!

Keller Beach & Drake's

Saturday was a busy day for us. Ethan and and I went to swim class while Erik surfed. After lunch, we tried to go to Rodeo Beach in Marin county. When we got on the high way, we started moving fine and then came to a complete stop. Waze said ONE HOUR to the beach. This wasn't going to work for us because it was already 1pm at this point and by 2pm, Ethan was going to want to have a nap. So, we pulled off to Miller Knox park and figured we would go for a walk. 

Miller Knox is in the town of Point Richmond which is part of a larger town called Richmond. Richmond is not that nice of a town but Pt. Richmond is supposed to be cute. We didn't see much cuteness but we did find a little beach and ended up going there rather than for a walk. 

We stopped into Keller Beach which was small but the water was clear and not too cold. 

Ethan went right for the water. 

It was SO HOT out on Saturday - in the 90's. We don't have AC so we were all sweating. Evie was camped out in front of the fan.....

Ethan was getting cranky so he went down for a nap when we got home from the beach. 

When he got home, we decided to go over to Oakland check out the new Drake's outdoor beer garden. In hindsight, we should have stayed home because we did enough for the day but we wanted to check it out since it just opened. 

Drake's is located in this new  development in the Uptown neighborhood of Oakland. The Hive is a little area of a few restaurants and Drake's in one spot. There is a the main Drake's brewery that we go to and the "Dealership" is a new beer garden. It is really nice - great outdoor and indoor space. 

Great outdoor AND indoor space but this place was packed when we were there. We got a spot inside and had a beer. Ethan was not really feeling it so we kind of ate and ran. This place is kid friendly though. There were a ton of kids there from babies to young kids. Outside, they have small rocks under those tables you see in the pic below. Some kids were laying in the rocks playing with them and they were strewn all over the place. We'll see how long the kid friendly thing lasts. 

We left to get Ethan ready for bed. He was super happy to be home. He loves exploring but he is also a homebody. 

Too cute. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Half Day Friday

Friday morning breakfast with EGL. He is still loving food but he isn't into chicken or fish these days. Maybe he's a vegetarian? 

He is so funny sometimes. He sits there and just suddenly starts laughing. These pictures are because he could hear Dad down the hall and was getting excited to see him. 

Erik and I only had to work a half day so we spent half with Ethan. I worked from home and Baby K came over. He is having fun at our house and his Dad said he didn't want to leave when he picked up up this week. That is a good sign! The babies had their nap and then went to the park with Angelica. When they came back, Baby K left and we took Ethan out for a stroll. 

We stopped at TOwnie and got a sandwich to go. Ethan sat by himself outside. hah

We walked to the park and hung out in the grass. He practiced walking long stretches from me to Erik. He loves to pick up speed as he gets closer to you and fall into you. 

We got frozen yogurt and then headed home for Ethan's nap. When he got up, we went to FieldWork Brewing Co for a beer. ONE beer. That is our new motto - one and done because that is all Ethan can handle out at restaurants now. They did have a book case with games and some toys so he was happily playing with a truck and had us walk him all over the brewery. 

Practicing driving already. haha. 

It was so hot yesterday -- at least in the 80's. 

Some other new things Ethan is doing are:
-shows you where is nose is
-shows you where his belly is
-says BYE BYE when someone leaves
-Shakes his head no but doesn't actually do it when he wants to say no, just does it randomly

We had dinner at home and watched Top Gun before turning in for the night. Top Gun is such a good movie!