Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ethan: 4 Months!

Ethan Graham is 4 months old!

He is getting bigger by the day. He is starting to look a little more filled out these days but he is still long and thin v. chunky. His head is definitely getting bigger and more round, too!

He is a good eater. He takes a bottle with no problems and is good when I feed him, too. 

He LOVES his naps and can sleep for 2 hours, easily. He currently takes 3 naps a day anywhere from 1-2.5 hours. At night, he is doing well. He still wakes up 1-2x a night. However, he doesn't really need a night feeding anymore. The wakeups are more because he woke up during his sleep cycle and needs a little comfort. We put the pacifier in and go back to sleep. 

We also put him down "drowsy but awake" and he will put himself to sleep. For naps, he still needs to be held/convinced he needs the nap at first. Once he relaxes, we can put him down and he goes to sleep. 

Still likes the Ergo. Not loving his car seat or riding in the car anymore. 

New Skills
He can turn his head pretty smoothly from one side to the other. 
He will turn his head when he hears one of us walk into the room or talk to him. 
He can grab with both hands & transfer a toy from one hand to the other. 
He kicks his feet in the water, when in the tub. 
He is squealing and making more noise these days. 
Rather than try to roll over, he is trying to sit up. Like, think V-Sits or rollups from pilates. That's him. 
He found his feet! He likes to sit up and lean forward to grab his feet. 

He is a pretty happy baby! He is usually very giggly and smiley, unless he's tired. Then, it's put him to bed ASAP. He is loving his time home with Dad. They have the naps down and have fun playtime together. He eats well, so we never worry about that!

We go to the doctor on Friday for his 4 month appointment. We will see his weight, height, etc. Sadly, he gets his 4 mo shots which will be so sad to see him cry! It is also his first Halloween! We'll show you a picture of his costume, if I can pull it off. :-)

Pumpkin Beer Festival

Last Sunday, we went over to Jupiter in downtown Berkeley for their Pumpkin beer festival. 

In the outdoor area, they had a bunch of beers for tasting when you purchased tickets. Erik purchased a tasting and I had a few sips on the ones that tasted good. 

Ethan just hung around with us

And then he got tired

This is his tired face. Put the camera away, Dad. I'm tired. 
Seriously. Not interested in picture time.

Until Mom made him laugh

Mr. Giggles

His new thing this past weekend was squealing so he was still at it on Sunday. 

Here's the video of how I made him laugh..

We headed home after the tastings and got Ethan ready for bed!

Ethan & his Pumpkin

While at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, we got Ethan a little pint sized pumpkin. Here are some pictures of him with his pumpkin. 

Blanket Giggles

Lately, Ethan is EASILY amused if you give him a blanket or a towel. On Sunday AM, he was playing on the floor on this blanket. Then, he pulled it onto his face (which he loves to do) and was just squealing with joy. haha

He also loved it when we smothered him with kisses and laughed harder. 

So far, his favorite toys are a plastic hanger and a blanket. haha

So funny. He is such a happy baby! (Well, except for when he's tired) I think that is pretty funny because once I get tired, I'm so done. I will be out and say - I'm leaving. I'm tired, get up & go home. 

Evie & Ethan

Lately, Ethan has been SO excited to see Evie. He squeals and starts flapping his little arms when he wants to be near her. She likes it but she wants to lick his face, which we don't want to happen. She is being Sooooooooooooo patient with him though. He is reaching his hands out to touch her in the face and she doesn't react at all. 

We practiced petting Evie the other day. If you hold his hand and do it, it's fine. If he does it on his own, he grabs her fur. haha Not funny for her though. 

Full on grabbing her arm fur here. 

We're always very careful with the these two together. We know that both of them could make a sudden movement and freak the other one out. Evie has her limits and I can tell when she's not in the mood for him so we always respect that. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Redwoods Hike

On Saturday, we went up to the Oakland Hills and did a little hike together. We realized we have a Redwood Forest right in our backyard! We went to Joaquin Miller park and walked around for about an hour. The paths were mixed of paved and dirt and it was an easy walk. 

Evie loved being outside with us on the trails

Ethan loves to be outside!

It had rained in the Am so things were a little damp and it was humid out. Despite it being almost November, we are still in the 70's out here!

After our hike, we went to dinner at the home of the family we are going to nanny share with. They graciously made us dinner and we brought over dessert. Their little baby girl is 2.5 months. We put the babies on the play mat together and Ethan reached right over to grab her hand. Then, he also tried to grab her face. Whoops! It will be great for the two of them to be together. 

We're going to have a day or two in November where Ethan will go over for the day to just get some time to be with baby girl and nanny. 

Working Buddy & Baby Selfies

On Friday, I worked from home with my little buddy helping me out. It's actually not that hard to work at home with him because he sleeps for a few long naps. As he gets older and doesn't sleep as often, I can imagine it would be near impossible! He's already very intrigued by iPhones and computers so of course, he loved mine. 

After work, we went over to Pyramid Brewery for the early bird special dinner at 5pm. haha. 

Ethan loves to go to restaurants and look around. He used to stay in his cart and sleep but no more!
 If you turn the camera on him, he loves it. His face takes up the whole screen and he starts squealing and laughing. It's pretty funny! It keeps him entertained for a little while, too.

We left from dinner and got him ready for bed. One night last week, he slept from 730pm - 5am. Then went back to sleep until 7! Also, one of his new things is that when we give him a bath at night, he sits in his little tub and kicks his feet like crazy. It's hilarious!