Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snuggle Buggles

Here's Mr. Graham ready to go outside for a walk. Isn't he so cute!?

He didn't sit like that for long because his new thing is to make himself straighten out by arching his back. This causes him to tilt to the side and fall on the couch. He can't be left alone even for a second! He is still liking the Ergo baby carrier for walks outside which is great. He still falls asleep on walks, too. I think I will be sad when he doesn't fit in there anymore. 

I don't know if you can see the graphic on this onesie but it is of a Star Wars thingamajing. Erik bought it for him on Etsy. 

When I put away some clothes, I put Ethan in his crib to play while I do it. Well, he loves to sit in the crib and have me pile stuff on him. I put all of these blankets on him and he was giggling.

I put him IN the basket because he was pulling it towards him. So, he loved being in the basket. 

Happy Boy!

 On Sunday, we also went out shopping to Carter's. We got Ethan some clothes. That place always has everything on sale. Things were 40-60% off and then you could use another 30% off coupon. 

 Ethan is a cuddler. He loves to be held and will hug you. It's so sweet. 

Happy Baby & a 40th Birthday

Sorry for the delay in posting. It has been a busy week with little time to post. Last weekend, we did some shopping. We went to Target to get some household items and Ethan got a new toy. It's a mini Sophie toy that his Grandma bought him. He has the real Sophie toy but she is a little too big for him right now. 

Happy baby

 Ethan is grabbing EVERYTHING. We gave him this bottle to hold last weekend and he got so upset when we took it away from him. 

He is smiling here because we gave it back to him.

On Saturday night, we went to our friend Kelsey's 40th birthday party at a bar nearby.

We didn't stay that long because by 10pm, it was wayyyyyyyyyyy past my bed time. It was good to see everyone though! Plus, we hadn't been out just the two of us in a long time!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Moving & Changing

Happy Friday! Ethan is getting more comfortable in his stand up play thing. He is moving around in it to touch everything. He changes so much in a matter of days! 

This week was busy at work and I had a two day training, as well. That meant two days of not doing any work! Friday was busy but I was able to work from home which was nice. 

This week was Erik's last week at his job because....he got a new one! He is starting at a new company on Monday. Woohoooooo!!

Tonight, we went out to celebrate Erik's last day of work. We walked to Townie for drinks and dinner. 

Look who can kind of hold his own bottle! If it's on the table, he leans forward and grabs it. You have to help him get it in his mouth but then he can hold it himself. So crazy!

Family shot!

Congratulations to Erik!

Where's Your Tongue?

 Ethan had a great week at home with Grandma. The first day, he was a little whiny but after that it was smooth sailing. He is napping well and eating well! I am so glad we've been able to ease into childcare for Ethan by having me, Erik, and now his Grandma watch over him before going to a nanny. I think that is what has made this transition back to work easier. If I had to hand him to a nanny at 3 months, I think I might be an emotional mess. 

Ethan is just so happy. He is grabbing EVERYTHING. He will pull blankets to him, pick up toys, pull your hair, try to touch your phone, etc.....

He also discovered his tongue. He is sticking it out constantly which is pretty funny. It looks like he has a mini sausage in his mouth. haha

More tongue shots...

 Here's Ethan trying to grab a magazine. Anything he can get his hands on!

Let me try to eat this

This is Ethan.....


Urbano Cellars

Grandpa Wilson and Ethan 

 On Sunday, we went to Urbano Cellars for some wine tasting. We went here a few weeks ago, had a good time, and decided to go back. 

Kimmy and I tried to take a picture with Ethan but hair pulling ensued

Nom Nom...I need dis

Yum! Hair!

 Ethan just hung out with us while we had some wine. The "winery" is a ware house filled with wine barrels. You taste about 8 wines for $5, but they don't really charge you the tasting fee. In Napa, you go to fancier tasting rooms for about $20 for 4 tastings!

Ah! Don't put me in the barrel

We had dinner at home that night. Kimmy left for the airport to get to LA and we said goodbye. 
Erik's parents were home with Ethan on Monday and his Dad flew home on Tuesday AM. We'll see him again for Thanksgiving in a few weeks! 

Family Weekend

Last weekend started off with pizza dinner at Bobby G's. Ethan does well out to eat but we have to be out by 5pm and home by 6:45/7pm. He knows when it's bedtime and starts to demand to go to sleep. 

Late Friday, Aunt Kimmy arrived!! She was out here for work so she stopped in Berkeley before heading to LA. We woke up on Saturday AM and got to hang out together. 

  We had breakfast together and then did a family walk together. It was so warm out!

Later in the day, Erik's parents arrived! His Mom is staying with us for a few weeks to watch Ethan for the rest of the month before he starts nanny share in December. 

Look at Erik & his Dad - sweatshirt twins

We hung around the house staring at Ethan for the afternoon :-) 
We had a toast to Kimmy because she got engaged a few weeks ago. I don't know if I actually announced that on here? Well, big congratulations to Kimmy and Scott for getting engaged!! We talked wedding planning and can't wait for the wedding!

We went to the local spot, Eureka for dinner on Saturday night. 

 As I mentioned above, Ethan tells us when he wants to go to bed. We had a little bit of a wait before dinner and things ended up running late. He got pretty fussy so Kimmy & I walked him home while Erik & his parents finished dinner. He went to bed right away!